‘Produce it and i shall pacify your soul ‘ is what the master said to the disciple – indeed that is what we are seeking to know – what is this soul that all speak about and none can know?

For this very reason i began my blog – SEARCH FOR THE SOUL – AND LET US SEE IF WE CAN FIND AN ANSWER – my journey like the disciples begins with the question what is the soul – in many faiths, in New Age thought, as  also in science, the question arises what is the essence, that we call the soul – let us explore this and share our answers – i wish to be enlightened as much as you do.

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There was once a very famous monk who had spent seven years sitting in one place, facing a low stone wall, meditating. Because of his success with this feat he was regarded very highly by other monks. One day, a younger (…samurai?) visited the venerable man, hoping to speak with him. The meditating monk did not break his concentration. The young monk stood beside him for seven days and seven nights, waiting. At dawn on the eighth day, the young man drew his sword…I have to log off, but I’ll be back to finish.

Ok, I’m back. This is good, because now I’m at my house, and I have the book wherein I first read this story. “Myths To Live By,” copyright 1972 by Joseph Campbell. He’s amazing. I shall re-begin the story as it is actually written on page 141.

“When Buddhism, in the first century A.D., was carried…

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