F O C A L – P O I N T


Its serious business

When the pigeon’s bobbing puffed-up neck

Signals courting;

Not for teasing this date to mate.




King Wildebeest impels his herd

When the Serengetti dries, precisely

Decisively, and a young cuckoo

Urgently expels the native eggs

Even before its eyes can see,

Survives, instictively.


I win the bread

As my family expects, unfailingly

Present a reasoned ambience

Of care and ability, no frivolity

In essentials.




For Air Traffic Controllers are in dead earnest

As the mechanical marvels

Cross the skies. The Secretary’s

Air of responsibility

Is heavy as lead.


You cannot on your marriage bed

Turn the other side

Of purpose, nor nature fail

To preside over

Its ubiquitous destiny.





Such identities present

A laser focus

In the camouflage of a butterfly,

Death of flowering bamboo,

Neutring of worker bees,

The salmon’s last fling

Before it dies,

A sharp look in your spouse’s eyes

As you present a risky alternative.


But beyond somewhere arises

A more than reasoning purpose

Than merely preserving

 A species from extinction

When surmounting your demanding self, instead,

Released from any obligation,

You extend your heart to help.