A  D  D  I  C  T  I  O  N


This demon

Unexorcised, you will find

Deep down in a dungeon behind

Thick locked doors of determination,

In the palace of the mind.


There he lies confined

By abstentions chained

By fasts restrained,

With ropes of resolutions we bind

Bolted and padlocked with prayer sublime.


Now so shrunk, weakened

That you are led to imagine

He is there no more

But soon he stirs

And you know it is him,

Discreet but alert, calculating,

Disabled but planning

To make you his plaything,

Awaiting his chance

For your mood to swing,

Leaving the  door ajar.


Then he creeps out on all fours,

Quickly climbing up your thoughts,

Swinging from their branches

Right into the cockpit of your mind,

Outwitting you he assumes full control,

While  diminished in a slumber. lies the soul.


He is now the Master

You his Robot,

He lifts your hand

Towards the prohibited packet

And the bottle you forgot,

The dark drink rises

To thirsty lips,

Your resolution slips

In puffs of smoke.


Starved for their content

Which are his only food,

He is now empowered,

He  grows and augments

Feels his power swell

Possessing you.


Like when the moon is up and full,

Hairs bristle, talons emerge,

The jaw pulls out painfully,

The serpent eyes dilate,

He is now metamorphosed

Hungry for more, irate,

Full of hulk and bulk.


Now Advancing to fever pitch,

lashing his tail about,

Yet another drink, more packs of smoke,

Euphoria, good –

”Well oiled machine” he shouts,

His foot presses the accelerator

His vision narrows menacingly

As the soul shrinks.


All encumbrances removed, no hitch

What next, he shrewdly calculates

As you are bewitched

To cross all limits set.


His canines are now long and deep

His plaintive squeak becomes a  commanding growl

As he merges with your being

Turning you into his demon

Capable of anything

Hungry for nutrition.


One snag though,

‘Alas’ you need rest

The robot suddenly shuts down

Without warning

In automatic mode out of control,

He is caught unawares ,

Sent hurtling back to his dungeon

Even as the soul awakens

To see the havoc wrought

Of dark despair,

Drawing in the healing light

Of deep sleep for repair.


But he is far from done

Though disabled

And bides his time,

Will be your companion

Through many life times,

Joint inhabitant with the soul,

Till he is finally overcome

And exorcised,

As your demon you confront.


Then its journey done

The soul returns

To where it begun.