Credit; news.bbc.co.uk

O prince among men

Standing tall,

So full of your magnificence

Good fortune all,

That with subtle arrogance

Are moved to pity

 Yonder beggar’s

 Karmic consequence and fall

From grace,

As she sits with palm extended

And pleading face;


But be not so sure

That she is not

Your very peer from another plane

A Guru seeking answers

In material disgrace.


So as you slip a coin,

Cast down your haughty gaze

Abjure all blame

With humility and shame,

 Let the charity return

In a boomerang

 To your own elevated place,

As nothing more

Than a kindness to yourself.


For the Goddess in legend

Is known to rest

At the portal of kings

In a miserable garb disguised

To test their arrogance

And when turned away,

Withdraw her grace.