Child-smiling (1)

Many people both spiritually inclined and ordinary folk wish somehow to have a vision of God. In India this desire is called DARSHAN. Worshippers and ordinary people also who have no great faith, visit temples, engage in prayer, visit centres of pilgrimage, take baths in rivers during the Kumbh festival, perform rituals, meditate in the hope of having a vision but more ordinarily to ward off  the inauspicious circumstances that are a constant reminder of the need to seek divine protection and blessings. The great saints of India hankered after vision as expressed in their songs ballads and poetry. In the Gita Arjun asked his friend Krishna to reveal to him his eternal cosmic form not satisfied with all the truths revealed to him and the grand philosophy of the Gita – he had to see to believe. There is a beautiful Sufi song sung by the great sufi singer Abida Parveen which complains to God not to hide behind the veil of  the world, for she is a seeker and lover who yearns to have a vision ( Ghungat ole na luk sajana main mushtaq deedar da hoon)  Courtesy You tube below is the prayer song.


The poet saint Kabir similarly asks seekers not to visit places of worship, engage in rituals, go on pilgrimages or meditate in distant tranquil spots for what you seek is within you. This poem by Kabir is a kind of revelation where God asks where are you seeking me? The beautiful song has been sung by Mitali Banerjee Bhaumik  :And I present it below courtesy You tube.

Many people believe as I do that Darshan or a glimpse of God is quite common place and occurs daily even though we do not realize it. When an innocent kid looks up and gives you a bewitching smile – That is a vision He has given you, or when two people deep in love look into each others eyes that too is a vision, or when we behold an extraordinary natural scene of great beauty, that too is a vision, or again when mother and son meet after a long parting both share the vision. Inspired by these thoughts I composed a poem when i came across this beautiful picture of a little boy smiling.

                       FINDING  GOD

The pristine innocence

Of that look.

Nothing in the lips to suggest


Eyes that do not blink

Full uninhibited moons,

Like those of a sage,

Piercing through you,

No subterfuge in a gesture,

No craft in a prank,

No device in a smile,

Just trust


You could never betray,

As you hold hands

In the little clasp

And relieve  your complications,

Inside its firm grip

Of love.


Hold a child’s hand

And look into his eyes


All your laborious meditations


All your remotest explorations,

Surpassing all your knowledge

In one moment

You have found God

As you let slip your mask,

Forego your tricks and treachery,

Shed your skepticism

And transform into a child.