Pursuing the chart of our chosen subject we now proceed to the Fifth House, the House of progeny, intelligence, romance and repository of credit earned from past lives. It is also the House that speaks of capabilities in meditation, spiritual practice, Msntras and Yatras (pilgrimages) and possible authorship of epics.

We note that the constellation Scorpio located here is owned by Mars. this falls within the ‘Holy triangle’ consisting of the region comrising the First, the fifth and the Ninth houses, all therefore auspicious Houses. The house is further empowered by the fact that in Cancer ascendants ( those having Cancer located in the First House) Mars has ownership of an ‘Angular’ House at the centre ( that is, the tenth House – Aries being located there). A planet which is the owner of both a triangular  House ( Fifth in this case) and a Central House ( Tenth in this case) becomes greatly auspicious for the chart. The fact that Mars is furthermore located in the most auspicious and powerful part of the Holy traingle, the ninth House, further empowers Mars as a Karak or benefactor. Such benefits therefore accrue to the fifth House in this chart. This would make the subject highly creative, profecient in music, and learned and help him attain a high position in life, being well thought of by the authorities, wealthy and well placed in life. He would also write books and be of a religious bent of mind.

Yet there is an element of dischord. The Sun loctaed in the Fifth House is aspected by Saturn from the eleventh House. this is indicative of dischord and friction between the subject and his father, replicating the relationship between the Sun and his ‘son’ Saturn. Moreso if they live together, less if they do not.

Scorpio in the Fifth House may also subject the native to face unfounded and baseless charges in life.

A malefic planet like the Sun located in a House in the Holy triangle renders it quite beneficient. It no longer is a ‘killer’. Furthermore the Sun is in a constellation which is friendly on account of the Sun’s friendship with Mars, the owner of Scorpio. It is also in the company of a generally benefic planet, Mercury, in the same House, which affects its attitude.

We also note that there is a mutual aspecting between planets placed in the Eleventh House , namely Saturn and Jupiter and the Fifth House, namely the Sun and Mercury. They are viewing each other. This has its implications. Jupiter’s aspect on the Fifth house and the Sun indicates that the father of the subject is learned and wise and that spirituality will therefore be inherent in the subject. It also will make the subject wealthy, learned, a lover of culture and make him famous. Likewise conjunction of the Sun and Mercury will amke the subject intelligent, famous, fortunate, an artist, thinker and writer. Saturn’s aspect on the House again indicates a philosophic bent of mind. As circumstances are generally positive there is a liklihood of progeny of both sexes. The House has all the circumstances for general happiness and well being and in sum is quite positive despite the forecast of differences between the subject and his father.