May 16, 2009 Ed Foster Jr. Father Carl Joseph "Buster" Melchior is ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Robert N. Lynch at the Cathedral of St. Jude the Apostle in St. Petersburg May 16.

Sentiment aroused

I move from height to height

Of generosity, forgetting faults

Allowing the best, in a moment

Of rose-tinted subjectivity,

As the object of my attention

Enacts my wishes

To fit the camera frame

In my mind.


How does he erase the cunning

From the corner of his eyes

And turn a tentative look

To childhood innocence,

To comply; is it the strength

Of my sentiment that evokes

His deepest self, the calming

Of ripples make the water’s

Transparency? Then is my

Sentiment justified in requiring

He be earnest and in presuming

Create the certainty?

I prize the sentiment

That so transforms

Another, to my intent.