God’s marvellous gift are children To have children is the greatest joy one can experience. It begins early as soon as you feel attraction to the opposite sex. The feeling grows as you mature and stays with you all your life. at marriage it transforms into the exceptional joy of of conjugal love in a word sex and the discovery of the intimate details of your partner. So it is worldwide celebrated as a grand event. The result of such joyous union is pregnancy and the birth of a child, yet another great event for celebrations. The child then takes over the entire life of its parents. From the cot where it lies cute and endearing bringing forth its mothers milk in spontaneous natural love to seeing it grow and move and make sounds. Later follows its attempts to walk holding your finger and its charming response to your love. Its growth from toddler to infant is a marvel to watch and experience. When it begins to speak and understand what you say.Then comes the stage of childhood with its own joys as you relate to the new being who is all your own. then it becomes a fully formed intelligible child whom you nurture and teach. later a teenager who is developing his own personality and finally an adult who you have guided and brought up to maturity. At every stage a rare gift of god which fills your life with untold happiness and pleasure.

Then comes the stage when you release the apron strings and let it go out into the world with concern for its well being and reciprocal love. Love that cannot be matched even by the conjugal love that created it. Then it  drifts into its own world of effort and desires your bond grows closer. Already your life’s purpose is realised as no other venture could.

AS it grows older it keeps deeply in touch with a love no one else can give you. In maturity it becomes your friend and companion and constantly cares for you as you grow older. Every visit is a joy beyond compare, you realise the gift that god has given you and are eternally thankful. Communication about each others welfare remains constant even when parted and far away and if you are lucky you find that child who gave you so much joy, going beyond adulthood into maturity say in its forties or even fifties by which time if you are still alive you see the full fruit of your endeavours in full bloom. Then the joyous child now a full fledged tree rather than a sapling gives you further cause of joy with grandchildren. lucky to be alive as a grandparent you experience the joy again of hugging a child. Gods further gift if there was any. You see the grandchild grow as you did your own with enhanced love and a feeling of being eternally alive through it. Then if you still survive comes the day when that grandkid marries and you are able to join the celebrations. That is a final gift of the dear lord the blessing of blessings. With this your lifes purpose could be said to have been fulfilled. there is nothing more you can ask from god if he has given you all this.

Then comes a stage when you are infirm old and disabled running to doctors and hospitals perpetually for one ailment or another. Your children rush to your bedside with their love and care admitting you to ICU s and ensuring you remain alive. Their care is more valuable then all the medical assistance. Their care and concern more important than Ambulances and doctors, their presence the very last thing you would desire. these would be for good children with which god has blessed you ( and all children are not a blessing). Their presence helps you survive with love. Finally as you are at a stage to pass away their presence holding your hands can be gods final gift.

We always feel a great affinity with our children and grandchildren. this i believe is because they have been known to you for many lifetimes. the strong familiarity and proximity is an indication of constant communication in the astral world. It is there that these relationships are formed and decisions to reincarnate as parent and child. In fact they have been with us through different lifetimes in several capacities in past ages. So we feel that close affinity as we have known them all along. We are souls that have congregated time and again in different relationships by our own choice.

Alas the contract is not always that stable. A child might pass away long before you do creating the deepest distress and sense of failure. the sorrow of losing a child, youth or adult during ones lifetime is immeasurable. There god may have his own purpose of which we know little. The trauma wrecks lives totally and there is no explanation for such an event. The sorrow afflicts one life to the very end It is difficult to heal. This is not the marvellous joy god promised, why one will never know. Karma? Fate? decisions at astral level at time of reincarnation – no one has a clue for such traumatic experiences. In the ultimate analysis children are a joy, a pain, a trauma, depending on the child. Parents too can be a great gift, or traumatic good bad or indifferent. So many cases of parental abuse and maltreatment. There are after all many people who hate their parents and condemn them never visit them and let them die alone and uncared for. If a child commits suicide what could it signify/ With all the love you showered on it there is no earthly explanation for the trauma and rejection felt. Is it fate, past life karma, difficult decisions for souls in the astral world who wish to experience the trauma for spiritual evolution. god alone knows.

Children are indeed the greatest gift of God but with a rider. universally true but individually not A popular king of Nepal King Birendra at the height of his successful reign whose son shot to death the entire family. He was nurtured with love but the end was tragic Was that a gift of god or some Karmic circumstance. The list of such instances are endless in history, Patricide The will of God? WILL remain open to conjecture.

All we can say in the final analysis is that children were meant to be glorious gifts of God. When one sees a child at school one wishes to stroke his head and give him a kiss, never mind if he is not yours. Im sure school teachers feel that way. Children remain a marvellous gift of god.