This is the most powerful House of the ‘Centre’, Kendra also called angular houses ( 1st 4th 7th and 10th ) Here shown as orange the 1st house and the blue areas.. It relates to Karma,occupation, livelihood, career appointments, vocation, rank, status, respect and honour. It is concerned with living overseas, wealth and success. It is also concerned with conduct,ideals and integrity.


The facts of the chart are that the tenth House has the Aries sign, owned by Mars and occupied by the Lord of the ascendant the Moon. The only aspect on it is that of Rahu the malefic lunar nodew from the second house.

The presence of the moon as the lord of the ascendant here makes the house strong, particularly as the Moon is in ascendant mode (Shukla Paksha) only days away from full empowerment as full moon. The moon is also the most powerful planet for the chart on the basis of calculations of strength (Bal). This enhances the capability of the Moon to be auspicious. Furthermore as the House is owned by Mars, well placed and the most auspicious planet of the chart – Rajyoga Karak, as owner of a central (the 10th) and a sacred triangular House (the fifth Scorpio) and further being placed in yet another sacred triangle House the 9th owned by Jupiter a benefic and friend of Mars it further enhances the Moon’s auspiciousness. Thus the subject is likely to rise to a position of rank and authority., whatever his profession, enjoying exceptional facilities. The owner of the 10th House Mars in the 9th is favourable and portends travelling overseas.

The moon in Aries is indicative of a strong constitution, stability, prosperity, a courageous but lusty and impatient nature. The Moon in the 10th as lord of the ascendant is is also indicative of integrity, scholarship and a torch bearer of the clan and one who serves the people. Indications are that the credits from previous l;ives bring benefits in this case.

Yet there is a negative influence on the House We know that the malefic deviant lunar node Rahu, demon in indian mythology condemned to haunt the Zodiac eternally for daring to sip the nector of the gods to gain like immortality, is looking at the Moon located here. *Itis the same Rahu that in mythology devours the Sun and the Moon time and again causing eclipses, the most evil and inauspicious event in the astrological Zodiac.

Rahu the malefic lunar mode

Now while the Moon is the most powerful planet for the chart and well placed in the sign owned by our equally auspicious planet for the chart, Mars, and in an ascendant mode, yet it cannot stave off all the negative effects of a Rahu aspect (Drishti) thus the subject if not careful is likely to suffer from the affliction of vices. The strong moon may minimize these afflictions but the subject will have to remain on guard, in any case as we have seen in an analysis of the second House where Rahu is placed that it would have a separating effect divorcing the subject from his origins within the country. But as the Moon is a water planet and the lord of the ascendant sign Cancer again a water sign it ensures employment overseas. Furthermore the 10th lord Mars also happens to be located in a water sign Pisces. Rahu also tends to separate and these additional circumstances ensures living and employment overseas. In the process the favourable factors enumerated earlier also come into play ensuring that such separation will produce a successful overseas career. Thus Rahu’s aspect can be interpreted both in the context of morality and employment prospects separately.