Lord Saturn

Lord jupiter

The eleventh is the house of gains (labha) and receipts, ambitions and hopes and their realization, success and absence of misery. It is the House of friends and lovers, victory over enemies, discharge from hospital, prison, and other institutions, returning home.

The eleventh house does not belong to the Holy triangle – the first, fifth and Ninth) rather it is one of the Trishdayas or the three Houses of income whose Lords are considered inauspicious for a chart. However all planets located here according to Hindu scriptural injunction give good results.

In the chart which we have throughout being analysing (only way to understand jyotish astrology is to study a particular chart of a person) Jupiter and Saturn are located here. They are therefore in ‘conjunction’. they are also in mutual exchange of aspects with the Sun and mercury located in the Fifth house.

The eleventh Lord is Venus, thus we find that Jupiter is in an enemy sign. (how would you feel or react if you were a guest in the house of your enemy?) but for Saturn it is a friendly Sign. However being in the Eleventh house of ‘gains’  jupiter gives good results irrespective of being in an enemy Sign.

Firstly the ‘conjunction’ of Saturn and Jupiter is greatly auspicious (Rajyoga) because jupiter is Lord of a holy Triangular house, the ninth and Saturn is lord of an angular house ( the first  fourth seventh and tenth) the seventh. Lords of a triangular house and angular house together produce a Rajyoga very auspicious.

This would make the suibject highly regarded by people, efficient and meticulous in his work, prosperous, reputable, famous and respectable.

 The mutual aspects of the Sun and Jupiter, first grade friends (ParamMitra) creates a special association indicative of purity and strength of Soul, as the\Sun represents the soul and Jupiter wisdom. further the Sun represents  royal attributes (Rajya) and Jupiter fortune (Bhagya), thus these attributes are also enhanced by the association. the additional aspect of m\Mercury facilitates scholarship and pursuit of knowledge.


In the analysis other factors also emerge. being the next house from the tenth it refers to finances from a government source. As we have already seen from an examination of the seventh house, the owner of the eleventh located in the seventh house Venus, will make the subject gain through the wife and the wife will be wealthy well behaved and devoted. The friendship of the  owners of the two Houses Saturn and Venus are indicative of  attachment of the spouse to her children and their playing a prominent role in her life.

The presence of Saturn in the eleventh house will furthermore will make the subject powerful wealthy and well connected with sound health, intelligent and long lived, though he would suffer ill health in infancy.

Yet it indicates a quick temper and impatience. it is also indicative of artistic abilities, diligence, knowledgeably, but with few progeny.

The presence of Jupiter in the eleventh is indicative of good looks, fine friends who may help him in his career, the realisation of his ambitions, a good income and status, wealth and health and happiness from his children but again indicative of few progeny.

The chart also shows a good team player in any activity and placing the interests of the group above his own. 

The Sun

There may be afflictions of the throat, tonsils, diphtheria, cold and apoplexy. It also indicates friendship with people who are not at the same level of intellect and class, association with whom would not prove beneficial.