Emerald buddha, bejewelled

Most of us love object’d’arts from classical to modern. This happens even more if you own such an object or can see it daily in your catalogue of a museum, the internet site of a museum or when visiting one on a special holiday.. I have a collection of miniature paintings from India which are a perpetual source of joy particularly when you appreciate the different schools of painting the symbolism and changes happening from period to period. the style and school of the painting is most important to get a rewarding appreciation. there is much literature on the subject to enhance your appreciation. Then there are Vases and pottery and if you are a collector they too give you similar joy and appreciation of their style period and school of art. The museum at Jaipur the Albert hall, which incidentally i renovated, has a collection of fabulous  Indian pottery from the 18th and 19th centuries with each piece telling its own tale. there is the jaipur blue pottery famous quartz creations handed down to the present times, the Madras pottery, Persian and European pottery. A joy to research and understand their finer qualities and art form.. There are so many other art forms that even without actually possessing them your mind can possess by visiting a museum like Albert Hall Jaipur or the Met New York.


Recently on a visit to Bankok i picked up a few Buddhist object’d’art which have given me no end of pleasure

Ram with his bow Thai version

Kinnar , half human half bird bisexuaWe are everlasting lover and beloved. We never separate. We are eternally husband and wife; never do we become mother and father. No offspring is seen in our lap. We are lover and beloved ever-embracing. In between us we do not permit any third creature demanding affection. Our life is a life of perpetual pleasure.[1]

amazing acquisitions didn’t pay much for them but they make me joyous each morning standing on my study shelf.

As i enjoy object’d’arts i worked for several years to renovate Albert Hall Jaipur from its sorry state infested by bats and rats to the vision of Thomas Hendlay the curator of the 19th century for the maharajah of Jaipur as i selected the objects for the display it energised my artistic sense and i placed them in the museum to their best advantage with detailed signage. Fortunately the Chief Minister had confidence in my abilities and allowed me a free hand. It was sheer joy reorganising the museum according to Hendlays vision ( incidentally apart from being a curator he was also Surgeon General of the royal house. The thought in Hendlays mind was to display the finest examples of Jaipur arts and crafts and those of other parts of India and the neighbourhood. it was indeed an exceptional venture and for me to replicate it for the government of Rajasthan india was  a joyous opportunity. i had been visiting the Met every time i went to New York and the Tate gallery in London to learn about display signage lighting audio and  audio tours. i brought all this into play in the renovation effort thanks to the cooperation of the bureaucracy and the finances readily provided by the state government  All the precious artefacts collected by Hendlay had been consigned to the go-down and there were hardly any artefacts  on display. today it is one of the premium museums of India with over 2000 visitors each day. they share the same pleasure i had in organising it according to the 19th century curators vision. Below i have reproduced the video of the virtual tour of the museum with my voice guiding visitors who like to visit. Play it and enjoy.

I thank u tube for the opportunity to reproduce it on my blog with due acknowledgements..



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