The goddess Durga worshipped on Navratra the nine sacred nights of devotional prayer

On the completion of the festival of Navratra i offer humbly and with devotion this post for the devout and those not familiar with the prayers to the Goddess Durga, called the primal power of Godhead, Shakti. I have translated the closing prayer from Sanskrit to English for those interested and annexed the prayer song rendered by Anuradha Paudwal famous singer of religious texts courtesy U Tube so that readers can get a feel of the original Sanskrit rendering..

During prayer recitation to the Goddess at the nine nights of Navratra the famous mantras of the ancient prayer the Durga Saptsati are sung and recited. These are believed to be among the most powerful magical mantras which ensure every fulfilment of wishes and blessings of the Goddess. however it is considered most inauspicious if the Sanskrit prayers are not recited accurately with perfect pronunciation and cadence. For this reason there is a necessary prayer song recited after the main prayer called the Forgiveness Appeal (Kshama Yachana) So that errors in prayer and recitation, impossible to avoid given the complexity of the ritual in chaste Sanskrit are overlooked by the Goddess and the worshipper does not suffer misfortune.

                                  DEVI KSHAMA YACHANA

O Goddess, Primal Being (Parmeshwari) day and night by me are being committed innumerable offences and sins. I am your devotee, believing this, be good enough to forgive these offences.

O Goddess (Parmeshwari) I do not know the ritual prayer to usher you in here, nor the prayer after nine days to submerge you back into the ocean nor do i know the rituals of worship, forgive me.

O Celestial Goddess (Sureshwari) the prayers i have done devoid of mantras, rituals and adequate devotion, was only possible  by your grace. After committing innumerable offences and sins, the one who comes to you for protection hailing you as Goddess Of the World (Jagtambe) he is said to achieve what even the gods find difficult.

O Goddess Of The World ( Jagtambe), I am an offender, but I have come into your protection at this time, I am deserving of your compassion and kindness, But you can do as you wish with me.

O Goddess, Primal Spirit (Parmeshwari) from ignorance, errors and lack of wisdom, whatever I have failed to do or have overdone, do forgive it all and become pleased and gracious.

O Goddess, the embodiment of Truth, Consciousness and Bliss and Primal cause ( Satchitanand Parmeshwari), Mother of the World, Granter of all Wishes and Desires (Jagatmata, Kameshwari), kindly accept with love these prayers of mine and remain pleased and gracious towards me.

O Sovereign Goddess (Sureshwari), you who are the protector of all secret desires and objects,accept my prayer and request and may I by your grace attain enlightenment.


 The prayer elevates ones spirit to the spiritual realms of devotion sung after the Durga Saptsati prayers during Navratra the nine sacred nights of the mystical powerful wish fulfilling goddess Durga in every corner of India with faith ritual and fasting before she finally departs in a procession to be submerged in the waters. This happens twice during the year in April and September. After April she empowers the birth of lord Rama on the ninth night and after September the festival of Dusserah when Rama slays the demon Ravana the epitome of evil lust and arrogance who abducted sita.