Lord Shiva

The Mahamritunjai mantra (Great Victory Over Death) is considered as powerful as the Gayatri mantra in creating a protective shield around the reciter’s aura through its resonance and vibrations and warding off all calamities, suffering, obstacles, misfortunes, disease, disabilities,fears,anxieties,unhappiness and unfortunate circumstances, family discord,and untimely death while ensuring peace, tranquillity,health, well being, growth, prosperity,freedom from fear, and ultimately freedom from death and rebirth, through attainment of Moksha or salvation , enlightenment and immortality. The mantra also protects against adverse effects of planets in the Horoscope.

The mantra is found in the earliest Rigveda, Shiv Purana which contains chapters with Shiv centered cosmology, mythology  relationship between gods, ethics ) and Yajurveda and  is dedicated to lord Rudra the fierce aspect of Lord Shiva who is eternal transcendent, primal being and one who has conquered death,  Mritunjai. Lord Shiva is said to be easy to please and grant boons if the devotee chants the mantra with true faith, dedication  correct pronunciation and delivery.

                                          THE  MANTRA





Om is a call to the Universal essence that permeates and orders all creation and is prefixed before all mantras prayers and chants.

Tryambakam yajamahe is that we worship, adore, honour and revere the one with three eyes (two on the face and the third on the forehead, point of enlightenment) representing the past, present and future, the sun moon and fire and the three Gunas or attributes, the Sattva, truth, the Rajas, passion, energy and Tamas inertia., Lord Shiva, with whom we wish to merge our being.

Sugandhim pushti vardhanam – whose divine fragrance and virtue permeates all creation and entering us nourishes, makes us grow  strong healthy happy, fulfilled prosperous  devoid of disease  worries, fear and sorrow and arouses our finest qualities when we seek to merge with his essence.

Urvarukamiva bandhanan -Like the Gourd or pumpkin when fully ripened gets detached from its stem’s bondage automatically with no effort, so too let me detach from my bindings and bondage from worldly life. 

Mrityor mukti mamritat= likewise free me from the fear of death so that it is not untimely, making me realise that i am indeed immortal and free me from the cycles of life and death when the time comes give me such wisdom this is my prater.