Seed Mantras basically have no meaning, they are just magical sounds found in the Vedas that energise the reciter and transform his environment. They resonate with the universal essence and energise the mantra seeking through the Seed to approach the deity directly without any intervention. One such mantra is dedicated to the Goddess Durga who combines the three aspects of energy, Shakti, Sarasvati (knowledge and art) Laxmi( wealth and well being) and Kali ( time  dissolution and death) The prayer is part of the Durga Saptsati recited during the nine sacred nights of the goddesses empowerment to help the world rid itself of evil and in particular Lord Rama to defeat the fearsome demon Ravana who abducted his wife Sita, the embodiment of the goddess Laxmi consort of Vishnu the sustainer of life and the physical world and progenitor of the avtars Rama and Krishna.

The mantra recited during Navratra, the nine sacred nights of the Goddesse’s empowerment is said to have magical qualities. it ensures success in life, transforms and helps focus the mind,releases negative energies,, helps in influencing the minds of others in your favour, brings joy and happiness, improves the intellect, improves health and wards off disease,increases self confidence, protects from fear and evil,enhances your spirituality leading to enlightenment.


“Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Viche”]
Om is the universal power whom we revere.
Aim is invocation to Goddess Saraswati for knowledge art and intellect
Hrim is invocation to Goddess Laxmi, for wealth health and well being
Klim is invocation to the goddess Kali, who regulates time and mortality
Chamundai , name of Goddess Durga in her fiercest aspect when she slays the demons Chand and Mund, thus earning the name Chamundai, is an  appeal to her for help
Vichhey providing us with a shield for protection. against evil, enemies and ill effects of planets in the Horoscope

A word about Beej or Seed mantras. They have no meaning but are prefixed to mantras and names of gods and goddesses signifying their particular universal sound. Sound rather than light was the primal creation at the start of the universe beginning with the sound OM. Other sounds relate to the gods. We have already seen above the seed sounds for the three goddesses. the gods too have their signature sounds. Shiva  for example has Hroum, Ganesh has Gam and Vishnu has Dam and so on. These sounds create their vibrations connecting one to the god one is appealing to. they are powerful additions to longer mantras and energise them.