Lord Hanuman devotee of Lord Rama

Hanuman is one of india’s favourite gods. I consider him as the equivalent of the saint Gabriel in Christianity. always available to guide and protect you from calamity and to overcome obstacles. Temples dedicated to him are more numerous than to other deities and every corner of every city has a temple dedicated to him. some are considered as powerful occult centres where  the possessed can be exorcised, problems overcome, difficulties solved.  He is called Sankat Mochan, the one who overcomes all your obstacles in temporal life. he is the monkey faced god sworn disciple of Lord Rama, his greatest devotee treated by him as a brother and friend who was always available in the Ramayana to ward off adversity, find his abducted consort Sita taken by the demon king of sri Lanka Ravana who refused to return her and wished to seduce her.  Hanuman leaped across the ocean and carried Rama’s ring to the grove where Sita was confined and gave it to her promising to take her back but she refused saying she would only be released by her lord Rama. Rama on his 14 year exile had encountered the race of Vanars, meaning monkeys, who had a kingdom down south. Sugreeva the king asked Hanuman to go scouting for Sita., Later when Rama;s brother Laxman was wounded by Ravana’s son indrajit and lay dying it was Hanuman who went flying in search of the herb that could cure him and carried back the hill with the herbs so that the right herb could be chosen for the cure. When it worked, Rama embraced Hanuman and said he was as dear to him as a brother. He said to him that he would live forever on earth as his devotee and help all those who needed help and support.

Lord Rama hugging Hanuman for saving his brother;s life

So Hanuman unlike other deities lives on the temporal plane, his spirit forever ready to help those who have afflictions obstacles or calamities, who are devoted to Lord Rama. Hanuman is therefore a special god always available like saint Gabriel when invoked and has an universal following in the land. In pictures and presentations of the avatar Rama and his consort Sita ( the embodiment of the Goddess Laxmi, as Rama is an avatar of Vishnu) he is always shown in the tableau with Laxman the devoted brother of Lord Rama. In all Rama temples too Hanuman is shown kneeling before the threesome.

Hanuman is also called an avatar of Lord Shiva and the son of the wind god, Maruti, Vayuputra. Bhajans on Hanuman are recited daily to ward off evil and overcome calamities and obstacles by all and sundry. The Hanuman Chalisa 40 verses describing his amazing feats of courage and unflinching devotion to Rama and Sita are recited over a hundred times to invoke his presence. And he never fails his ardent devotees because he is not a distant God but one available on the temporal plane at all times. Devotees are fervent in their worship and prayers to Hanuman and with good reason, he never fails in answering them. after all it was Lord Rama who ordained that he would never leave the earth to be able to serve his devotees and solve their problems. We are all beholden to the presence of such a saviour spirit perpetually in our midst.

He is also called jitendra, one who has overcome all his senses,  Buddhimatama, one who is the fountain of wisdom for those who meditate,  and Ramdootam, the one who is messenger of Lord Rama.

मनोजवं मारुततुल्यवेगं
जितेन्द्रियं बुद्धिमतां वरिष्ठ ।
वातात्मजं वानरयूथमुख्यं
श्रीरामदूतं शरणं प्रपद्ये ।
Mano-Javam Maaruta-Tulya-Vegam

Jitendriyam Buddhi-Mataam Varissttha |
Vaata-Atmajam Vaanara-Yuutha-Mukhyam
Shriiraama-Duutam Sharannam Prapadye |

(I take Refuge in Sri Hanuman)
 Who is Swift as the Mind and Fast as the Wind
 Who is the Master of the Senses, and Honoured for His Excellent IntelligenceLearning and Wisdom
 Who is Son of the Wind God and Chief among the Vanaras (Who were part of the Devas the gods incarnated in the species of the monkeys to serve Sri Rama during His Incarnation),
 To that Messenger of Sri Rama, I take Refuge (by prostrating before him).

Lord Hanuman I consider as my patron saint and saviour may his perpetual presence save the world from evil and obstables.