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Many times in ones life one has the sense of having got older. When you are twenty you feel you are now an adult. When thirty that you have left behind your teens and are now more mature.In your forties you are in the prime of life and maturity reaching important points in your career and recognition for your value. As you turn fifty you have the sense of having covered half a century and the first intimations of age. By sixty you have probably retired and certain chronic ailments become your companions like Hypertension and Diabetes and you take recourse to managing your health which till then didn’t seem to matter. Medications help you to keep matters in control for greater longevity. Then as you approach seventy you feel age catching up inexorably. Reaching seventy in one piece is quite an achievement and you and your family and friends want to celebrate the event. You are now truly a senior citizen and there is no longer any doubt that you have aged and are old. By then your parents uncles and aunts have probably passed away and are only memories in photographs. As you proceed into the rapids of the seventies you hear of friends acquaintances and important personalities like political leaders, actors musicians artists etc becoming history one by one, people with whose work achievements and creations you have always been so familiar. You wonder where the great have disappeared and who is taking their place. Your world is changing beyond recognition and a new scenario is rapidly unfolding in which you may not truly belong. Also strangely you begin to get aware of the state of your organs, their deficiencies and level of efficiency – the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, prostate, mind. You no longer take them for granted but seek to keep them fighting fit with the constant help of modern medicine, facilities at premier hospitals an array of doctors and regular tests with which you were never earlier familiar. Many disabilities can accompany you in your seventies if you are not careful or lucky. Dread diseases rise up like demons to scare the hell out of you. If you are advancing in the seventies and, cancer,Alzheimer, Parkinson’s ,Multiple sclerosis stroke and heart attacks or pacemakers have not entangled you in their vice like grip you must be a lucky man. Most of your contemporary relatives have gone as also many of your dear friends and you live in an alien world where younger generations tend to steer clear of you at parties and events.

Of course you may be a writer and publish books, get the authorities to involve you say  in developing museums or provide guidance in your field of expertise and generally keep yourself positively engaged, health permitting. You may enjoy your leisure if financially sound by going to fairs concerts and clubs to play bridge for instance or you may join NGOs and charitable institutions. Alternately you may go into creeping depression with memories of the past if you still have memories left when in approaching dementia. You could also take to the bottle when all avenues appear closed.

Of course this is also the time when your children mature into middle age and passing fifty celebrate that event. Likewise your grandchildren are in their teens or early adulthood and that can be a source of great satisfaction to be alive to see that day. I wonder what happens when you survive to mark your eightieth birthday. They say that life can begin anew in the eighties if you happen to survive the rapids of the seventies. People can be quite mobile on a wheel chair, playing bridge and visiting people and places once you get used to it, or say if you get an extension of life with a pacemaker. Then i wonder what it must be like at ninety!! I have an aunt who just celebrated her ninetieth with gusto. She walks without aid and attends every family event from marriage to funerals. And mentally she is entirely there with a great sense of humour. A striking example of how to handle old age. Then i have two granduncles, brothers, the elder celebrated his hundredth birthday with a twinkle in his eye and readily accepted my offer of a cigarette to go with his drink. He walks with a stick and after a party goes to bed early, reminiscing about his life and times in a most engaging way. His brother 98 was there for the celebrations and moved around meeting everybody joyously recognising everybody and having to say something interesting to each one he met. What trail blazers! Alas the 98 year old uncle died on his birthday when chatting with his nephew who had rung him up to wish him. He refused to go to hospitals and was a doctor himself.

Somebody said take each day at a time and when you wake up thank the Lord god that you are alive and in one piece and look forward to the day with exciting plans of how you are going to enjoy yourself.

This is the most powerful House of the ‘Centre’, Kendra also called angular houses ( 1st 4th 7th and 10th ) Here shown as orange the 1st house and the blue areas.. It relates to Karma,occupation, livelihood, career appointments, vocation, rank, status, respect and honour. It is concerned with living overseas, wealth and success. It is also concerned with conduct,ideals and integrity.


The facts of the chart are that the tenth House has the Aries sign, owned by Mars and occupied by the Lord of the ascendant the Moon. The only aspect on it is that of Rahu the malefic lunar nodew from the second house.

The presence of the moon as the lord of the ascendant here makes the house strong, particularly as the Moon is in ascendant mode (Shukla Paksha) only days away from full empowerment as full moon. The moon is also the most powerful planet for the chart on the basis of calculations of strength (Bal). This enhances the capability of the Moon to be auspicious. Furthermore as the House is owned by Mars, well placed and the most auspicious planet of the chart – Rajyoga Karak, as owner of a central (the 10th) and a sacred triangular House (the fifth Scorpio) and further being placed in yet another sacred triangle House the 9th owned by Jupiter a benefic and friend of Mars it further enhances the Moon’s auspiciousness. Thus the subject is likely to rise to a position of rank and authority., whatever his profession, enjoying exceptional facilities. The owner of the 10th House Mars in the 9th is favourable and portends travelling overseas.

The moon in Aries is indicative of a strong constitution, stability, prosperity, a courageous but lusty and impatient nature. The Moon in the 10th as lord of the ascendant is is also indicative of integrity, scholarship and a torch bearer of the clan and one who serves the people. Indications are that the credits from previous l;ives bring benefits in this case.

Yet there is a negative influence on the House We know that the malefic deviant lunar node Rahu, demon in indian mythology condemned to haunt the Zodiac eternally for daring to sip the nector of the gods to gain like immortality, is looking at the Moon located here. *Itis the same Rahu that in mythology devours the Sun and the Moon time and again causing eclipses, the most evil and inauspicious event in the astrological Zodiac.

Rahu the malefic lunar mode

Now while the Moon is the most powerful planet for the chart and well placed in the sign owned by our equally auspicious planet for the chart, Mars, and in an ascendant mode, yet it cannot stave off all the negative effects of a Rahu aspect (Drishti) thus the subject if not careful is likely to suffer from the affliction of vices. The strong moon may minimize these afflictions but the subject will have to remain on guard, in any case as we have seen in an analysis of the second House where Rahu is placed that it would have a separating effect divorcing the subject from his origins within the country. But as the Moon is a water planet and the lord of the ascendant sign Cancer again a water sign it ensures employment overseas. Furthermore the 10th lord Mars also happens to be located in a water sign Pisces. Rahu also tends to separate and these additional circumstances ensures living and employment overseas. In the process the favourable factors enumerated earlier also come into play ensuring that such separation will produce a successful overseas career. Thus Rahu’s aspect can be interpreted both in the context of morality and employment prospects separately.

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