Bob my amazing fish

I have kept fish since i was a kid. Now in retirement i still diligently pursue the hobby. Presently I have Mystery Snails and Goramis including the Blue, Golden and Dwarfs. I just don’t keep fish as a decoration or for good ‘Chi’ as many do but rather to study in minutest detail their behaviour relationships mating habits and to rear their young if they successfully reproduce in my modest tanks.
Recently I added another species of Gorami, the Giant Gorami or common Gorami. A single Albino giant just a 3 inch juvenile. He was beautiful with white body and red eyes and a cute pout. I learnt that eventually in 4 years he would grow about 12 inches or so. However i was surprised to see him double in size within 3 weeks and in another month triple in size!!

He seemed more intelligent than any fish i had kept and had a voracious appetite. He responded to my daily tracing my finger on the tank glass whenever i was about to feed the fish and later when i put my finger in the tank would come up and give it what i felt like a kiss. Later i realised that he mistook the finger for food because on one occasion he tried to bite and i felt an uncomfortable pinch. Then i would drive him off so he realised that i was not food but the provider of food in the shape of a finger. he understood and later would just ‘kiss’ my finger before the food was given. This was wonderful because he had begun to behave like a real pet.

Then i learnt from the internet about varied diet for these Giants. He readily accepted and gulped down shreds of apple banana cauliflower boiled potatoes peas and even tomatoes besides the fish food. Now i daily feed him a varied diet of solid fruit and vegetables only after i receive the sweet soft kiss on my finger!!

The internet says that Giant Goramis can become so tame that they may even allow you to pet and stroke them. That too i am sure will happen. I can see now from his intelligent eyes that he knows when i approach the tank and eagerly waits to be fed. It is becoming a mutual love affair.
I wonder if other fish lovers have had similar experiences with these Giant Goramis and if so id love to hear about it on this board.

Lately he has becom so tame that i do not need to drop the food rather I hold it in the pinch of two fingers and he comes up and takes it from my fingers without hurting me!!