The Great Lord Perpetually Deep in Meditation to Perfect His Creation Shiva Adideva The original Being Almighty God.

Sometimes strange thoughts assail you and force you to think deeper. Some whats and some whys. We begin to observe with insight. Quite ordinary phenomena suddenly require examination. One is the phenomenon of love and procreation. the other related to it – the Maternal Instinct.

Looks like the Creator introduced the two phenomena with deep purpose and implanted them into His amazing creation. He is after all the master strategist and is always preoccupied in sustaining and developing His creation, much like a great artist would his canvass or an inventor his invention. The need to perfect a work of genius whether a work of art or science and technology.

Beings are basically hedonistic and self centered keen to survive and do whatever it takes to do that. Also for that to gain the upper hand and dominance over all others. Such a world would have  an in built tendency to pit each one against the other and eventually to have within it the seeds of its own destruction. In such a set up rather than procreate, entities would destroy and consume one another. Thus the Immaculate Genius who conceived and then created the world sought to introduce the great concept of LOVE and PROCREATION to sustain and perpetuate  what in his deep contemplation He had conceived, a splendid diversity of form and shape in a LIVING world of diverse beings and life. It would not have done any justice to it if it self destructed soon after creation – like a momentary dream that impressed but vanished before you could even hold on to it in wonder at what you had conceived in a moment of creativity and brilliance. 

To make creation remain eternally, He introduced the concept of PROCREATION. Beings would procreate themselves time and again in their own image enabling His creation to continue and be sustained as in the beginning. Procreation began with the concept of division which He conceived for starters – that is a being produced another like itself by splitting in two before the first could deteriorate and perish. Cellular division as in the Amoeba. But this  while sustaining His creations longevity did not take care of the hedonistic weakness at its heart – the need for dominance and its sequel, mutual destruction in perpetual conflict  which would then end creation and it would again become only a beautiful but momentary dream. The procreative act needed to have an element of cooperation and selflessness. Therefore He moved forward from self procreation to one requiring two opposites, similar yet different, a Male factor and a Female factor. Now they could only procreate by joining as one to produce a third. But in the inherent hedonism of creation such cooperation was inconceivable and again the issue of sustaining creation eternally  received a setback. Why should two self willed beings  bent on domination engage in such cooperation at all  – tedious, time consuming and endangering their supremacy. It would be easier to just split in two and create ones likeness to survive and dominate as it did? Creation once again in danger of being a momentary thought quite unsustainable. The Master Creator then having already produced two opposites with his incomparable genius, proceeded to implant  intense attraction  in one opposite for another and gave it the name of LOVE. Love which would finally limit hedonism and bring two beings together to procreate to produce a third. Love which created a hankering in the one for the other because of His creative genius in making them alike and yet different, the difference being the source of attraction as together they would once again be complete as originally – ONE. He also in his deep strategic wisdom added the insurance of  unique PLEASURE in Love not merely attraction. Now with greatly diminished hedonism under the rule of Love and pleasure heightened by differences which did not exist originally, the brilliant evolution of concepts from oneness as in Amoeba  to sexuality as in Male and Female differences finally ensured that His creation would neither self destruct nor be without procreation in creation.

Yet something was missing to make His creation eternal and sustainable. To sustain it, it was necessary to ensure that the procreated being which would supplant the ones before, when they deteriorated, enabling His creation to continue just as when conceived, remained viable. So the Great  Master conceived of Maternal Instinct not merely love for opposites and implanted it in the Female of all species He had created. this fountain of another aspect of love (His original Genius) put the stamp of eternal on His creation. The maternal instinct would ensure above all else that the procreated entity would be ensured survival and thus His creation would survive as a perpetual dream rather than a momentary inspiration.

The innate Hedonism of his creation, quite necessary also for sustaining it, because if entities did not have the supreme instinct of survival all else would be irrelevant, now had been suitably tempered by both Love for procreation and Maternal instinct for survival, together they would create a world as He conceived in his primal dream and like an inventor He had brought to perfection with amendments to perpetuate for all times. applause from all of us His beloved creatures.



The thought of creation