For those who have read my earlier post on this phenomenal fish he needs no introduction.He began in my aquarium some 4 inches long, a juvenile Giant gorami which would eventually grow 18 inches. I saw him grow by the month till 2 years later , now in a bigger tank he was a foot long, golden in colour and beautiful.He survived many crises from deadly bacteria infection to jumping out on the the floor when the tank was being cleaned. He had a voracious appetite for vegetables and fruit and dried worms. And would only eat if fed with my hand. we grew to know each other through eye contact and pats on his head signalling food. Over those years i fed him for over half an hour each day communicating thus and bearing all his fussy ways. whenever i passed the tank he would do a little frisky dance flapping his pectoral fins in a charming manner inviting me to feed him. He also learnt to kiss my finger which became his favourite object of love and desire. Later he realized that the finger was just an extension of the face that appeared through the tank glass and would fix his large eyes in eye contact.I couldnt believe what was happening though i have kept aquarium fish since childhood. A fish with dog like intelligence and responsiveness, even the evidence of affection. As time passed we became inseperable, me spending at least an hour each day in his care. He even began to jump out of the tank to grab the food from my fingers. Any fish company he resented and all introductions for company were killed in 24 hours.

I realised that when he outgrew this tank i would have to release him in a pool or lake as i could not keep a giant fish in a giant tank in my house. One possibility was to get a large cement tank in the backyard or garden to house him. But that eventuality did not arise as Jaipur temperaturs plunged to near freezing this January and the heater in the tank was probably in effective. After a good meal of carrot chips and cucumber and spinich this morning my servant found him thrashing around the tank and seeking to jump out of it like a blind fish. I was woken to find that dear Bob lay dead at the bottom of the tank. He must surely have ascended to a fish heaven or been reincarnated to a higher spevies.

The night before going to bed i put my finger as wasc. my practice to stroke his image through the glass or pet his head.He immediately responded putting his mouth to the impression of the finger did his usual pectoral flapping dance and playfully opened his mouth wide as if to bite it. Bad boy That was our farewell and i miss him dearly whenever i pass his tank.

HIS LAST EXPRESSION REMARK THE EYE CONTACT and sad pout asking for a last meal

In the garden we made his grave and with insense sticks and a lamp laid him to rest with a glorious cactus planted on top and some of his tank shells around. I hope one day a giant red flower appears out of the cactus to signal that his soul now rests in peace

rest in peace

the cactus grave