I am a retired Indian diplomat living in the city of Jaipur in Rajasthan, India. I am interested in in spirituality, mysticism, theology, art, museum development and archaeological sites.

I am also deeply interested in observing nature and animal behaviour. Related to my interest in spirituality is my obsession in reading about New Age thought which seeks to align spirituality and mysticism with science to show that they are indeed two sides of the same coin. My writings and poems support this view, that as science progresses it appears to get more and more mystical in its findings, particularly at the sub atomic levels – The findings of Quantum Physics for instance are not very different from the findings of mystical seers and thinkers of yore about the nature of reality- a revolution in thought bringing together science and spirit, appears to have gathered momentum in the 20th and now the 21st centuries.

Most of my life I have been intrigued by the concept of the Soul. Every faith speaks of it, many scholars have written about it, both in the past and in what is called New Age literature. In common parlance too we refer to the Soul so often. Yet it is the most ambiguous of concepts to truly comprehend. My curiosity led me to research what the different scriptures say about it – all refer to it. Later I sought to understand its metaphysical significance and reality and even experience its presence mystically through meditation, poetry, music and literature.

This is my primary blog entitled SEARCH FOR THE SOUL ( indrajitrathore.wordpress.com ) in which I have  tried to share whatever I have gleaned from diverse sources on the subject.

My second blog, MYPOEMS ( mypoemsindrajitrathore.wordpress.com ),  however presents only my poems on mystical insights and experiences, nature and animal behavior, human relationships, heritage and culture, peoples, lands and travel, faith, the cosmos, God and revered Hindu deities and introspection.

I regard my poems as thought forms having an organic reality of their own. they arise from a lifetime of mystical introspection, the experience of living or my interface with nature and find expression through the rhythms of the mind. At times, it is the rhythm that initiates the grasping of a thought. At others, it is the thought, grown pregnant, that arouses a rhythm and sometimes they come together. I hope they will strike a sympathetic chord in the reader and recreate in his mind the same complex experience which spurred their creation.