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When Matter tries to multiply, seeking to ape the Spirit, to become eternal, it appears most attractive and appealing. Generation after generation it revives afresh but  suffers degradation, for Time will not leave it alone. It dies and is born again, while the Spirit looks on amused as it vainly tries to drink from the mortal cup, the elixir of immortality. This cute effort gives rise to mortal love, bringing two material poles together to regenerate, revive and reproduce, defying its stern master Time, putting on a new fresh face, even as the older ones atrophy.  That is why mortal love has an ethereal quality as it replicates the beauty of the Spirit’s immortality and that is also why the Spirit appears as if it is perpetually in love.

The intense attraction, the passionate kiss, the deep embrace are the material urges to become eternal and therefore when consummated,  the poles fall apart and become ordinary matter again, losing their gloss but having in that moment assured eternal continuity, while the Spirit looks on amused at this extraordinary effort to follow in its footsteps. Thus Matter’s efforts to copy the Spirit becomes the very reason for living, and the very meaning of life – Love.

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Random thoughts must be heeded, for we do not know how they arise or whether the source is in the brain. Inspiration, intuition, a creative impulse, even a complexity like the outlines of a poem may have their origins in the conscious mind or emerge from the depths of the subconscious realms, the repository of greater memory, or yet be a quantum wave aligning with our mental electricity.

Such thoughts must be carefully honed, observed and shared and where possible acted upon for they may have a divine or other worldly source and are precious. They need to be captured quickly, like poems, on the photographic plate of our mind before they dissipate and disappear for good, never to recur. For instance I had one such unique thought today which I cannot for the life of me recall.

We need to urgently jot them down, capturing them, and share them. In sharing they can indeed be enhanced by complimentary feed back. As unilateral, they may be important but when metamorphosing into a multilateral thought may become yet more significant, like when you serve a ball in Tennis and await the return which is when the Game begins.



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