When one meditates on Nature things begin to happen. Can be like a symphony started, harmony and counter point. Songs of birds, wind ruffling leaves, shifting shadows seek to connect and speak. My poem from a rear window on a holiday in the hills – I’m glad I captured the moment with the click of a poem.


              A  TEMPORARY  PEACE


A lurching mountain defines

 And stays in place.


A low nimbus cloud moves on

A trifle quicker than the horizon rising up

To catch the sun still well above.


The phosphorescent sun-bird’s twitter

Keeps time

To flashing blades of wind ruffled leaves.


In mid-window hovers

A bird sized dragonfly, its wings

Drone heavily with the effort, poised for mating.


An outstreched shadow leaps up

To the peak of a sun splashed tree

And meets an eagle’s distant surveillance.


In the pond a toad arises

Over the flat lily leaf

Rock still, vegetable like.


I lift my hand

 In the lulling intermittant breeze


Feel a clean shaven cool cheek.


The appointed peace,

The toad’s even stare 


In my match box’s sudden flare.


Deliberate act

Involuntary sunset

As I light my cigarette.