Winds of mysticism from the East, winds of science from the West, sometimes the stirring of the Universal Essence, sometimes the unfolding of The Implicate Order, together inspired me to write a poem of creation and dissolution which I share below:


                 A W A K E N I N G


A mere undoing of atom law logic –

For the world was not torn asunder

Nor did fires rain, no blood, no flood;

Trees, stars, motion, just vanished.


There was no residue, no ash after wood

Is fired, no drama for none to see;

Not anyone, not anything

In that silent dissolution.


Then as when your thoughts have given out

The mind withdrawn inwards no longer needs

To grasp and twist and fashion

He went blank

Unworldly, unconcerned,


Ending the infinite permutations,


Pain and pleasure, good and evil

The compares and contrasts

Of a lonesome preoccupation.


Unwilling to change His own supreme reality

Or divide as in his cell principle;

He had broken up into countless variety

Outside his indivisability

To which He

Now returned.


In the eternal darknesses

There was nothing but Him, reclining

If  He could do that – presumption of limbs

Contemplating, digesting, preparing,


That perfect principle

Conceived of by man as man

Was silent; holding back,

Holding in the supreme energy, in repose,


Then after eternity at will He broke,

Dividing into untold eons expanses,


Into man trees stars,

Waving blinking days  and nights;

The bee and the rose

Outside of his real repose.