The concept of the personality as distinct from the soul is a recurring theme in Hindu scriptures and literature. I have already dwelt at length on the subject in my earlier posts ( see Pages above). The soul is a fragment of divinity that dwells within the personality-body-ego complex (Antaryami). The host is volatile, wilful, passionate, acquisitive and mortal, unlike the soul which is calm, serene, wise, divine and immortal. They share the same space on the material plane for a life time. The content is divine but not the container which is given to all the frailties of human existence. The soul is also the conscience of the host but its counsel is not mandatory and generally ignored as a whisper from nowhere. Inspired by these thoughts of  duality which constitutes us I composed a poem which I place below – the imagery is of  the transparence of the soul and the rainbow colours of the personality and the rare moments when the two may indeed become one:


            P R I M A L   C O L O U R


Colours from another

Transform my translucency

Darkening vitriolics of mistrust,

Stirring orange clouds of love

Or opaque to transparency with trust.


I change,

Assuming colours of  the other’s

Accent, posture, arrogance,

Allowing possession


As the image thrusts

Into the mirrors of my mind,

Reflection upon reflection

Invading my innermost crust.


Kindness for the kindly,

Arrogance for the arrogant,

Love for love.


How like a chameleon

The camouflage

Protects my neutral state

And placid core,

Reflecting the environment’s

 brilliance more.


How my rarest tones

 Belong outside, the gullible smile

As our eyes engage,

A rude remark

Ignite a sudden rage,

A unique grace

Impel rare perception

Or condescension

Shrink my space,


Till stimuli withdraw,

Colours dissipate

And I turn transparent

As before.