In my view Science and Spirit are one, though we have learnt to treat them as being antithetical. We have been taught that the two are incompatible, that the spiritually inclined individual cannot have a scientific temper and that the scientist is, by training, at variance with spiritual inclination. But scientific temper and spiritual inclination are a single facet of the human personality and genius. The most fundamental attribute of human nature, corresponding with the natural order, are a scientific temper in evidence in inherent qualities such as curiosity, exploration and examination and a spiritual or mystical urge manifest in nobility of thought and action, humanitarianism, sacrifice, compassion and other non-egotistical actions. The human mind engages in finite logic and infinite imagination. We could well ask whether these are attributes of an ingrained materialism related to organic need or an inherent spiritualism related to an evolution to a higher order. Are these manifestations then of a scientific bent for material enquiry, or a spiritual quest?

I believe we have through a historical mistake clubbed materialism and attendant egocentricity with scientific temper and dismissed spiritualism and mysticism as outdated relics of religion to be put away in a closet. But I am reminded again and again of the metaphor that the creator is a master scientist. how else could he have created this wondrous precise world where physical, chemical, mathematical and dimensional codes hold their sway from the micro to the macro levels? The scientific temper and spiritual urge within us are in my view not at all antithetical but complementary. they are part of a single force or dynamics within us and the sooner we understand this the better for our evolution. Science should not be subjected to an exaggerated secular quarantine but be permitted to enquire freely into spiritual and paranormal phenomena without the stigma attaching of absurdity or of the guilt of engaging in an obscure and obtuse excercise.