The prism is the same, whether you look from the scientific angle and get a rainbow or a mystical angle looking at the facet of the cut, or if you combine both you will see a many faceted prism throwing out rainbows of light. It could be an empirical urge for proofs or an intuition which needs none, but if you join them together there might well be a eureka moment. Science and Spirit have always been two sides of the same coin.

In tribal societies and before the development of civilization the earliest indication of the presence of a scientific bias was evident in an over layer of wonderment accompanying the animal reaction of fear towards natural phenomena. The most powerful natural forces of thunder, lightening and earthquakes inspired awe and the conclusion that superior forces originated from a superior being capable of unleashing it. Even less fearful though equally striking phenomena like the season of spring, rainbows and auroras came to be associated with a creative benign force. Later, it was assumed that a relationship existed between man and such forces in as much as these could be propitiated through offerings or cajoled and bribed into the service of man. The technique of influencing or controlling the force was developed into a system which came to be called magic.

The conceptualizing of such forces was clearly an excercise in primitive spiritualism. The assumption that techniques and rituals could be developed to channelize and harness the forces was a product of the inherent scientific bent. We see that magic therefore was the earliest form of spiritual appreciation and recognition of a higher order of superior or supernatural forces. Magical practices simultaneously manifest the scientific urge to relate to the forces and to channelize them both for comprehension and gain.

Thus, at the earlier stages of human development, we see that there was no distinction between the faculty of wonderment at awe-inspiring phenomena and the creative and inventive faculty to appeal and propitiate, to harness and release these forces through ritual magic. The magic was both a prayer and a scientific discovery, the witch-doctor both a priest and a scientist, soothsayer and medic. At the inception of human civilization Science and Spirit were indistinguishable.