Bright as a daffodil

With a smile

To gladden the heart

Earnest to the core,

Picking up your broken parts

To put them together once more.


Always positive

In circumstances most dire,

Nothing defeats her.

A fund of energy

Like sparkling sunlight

Playing on wet leaves

And flowers

The soul of my life,

Its purpose and priority.


Always busy

Keeping the house tidy,

The dinner warm,

The prayers persistently

Beseeching blessings

For the family.

Always concerned

For the well being

Of children far away,

call them now

It’s Sunday.


Ready for festivals

Brimming with enthusiasm

 And fervour

In her best dress

To honour the Gods,

Welcoming guests

With joie de vivre,

Attentive to the needs

Of friendly neighbours,

My loving mate

Always considerate.


The spirit of the home,

Propping up a picture,

cleaning out a comb,

Dusting every object,

Daily routine,

Nothing left alone,

Full of zest,

At her very best,

At all times,

Awake or at rest.


Where would I be without her,

My diligent and avid helper,

My heart and my soul,

Always making everything whole.

Were she to go away,

I fear the coming

Of that dark day,

But she consoles me,

Not to worry

I’m here to stay.

And when the time comes,

Together, never apart,

Hand in hand

We shall depart

And be on our way.