god_of_colour_by_kudalyn-d70l4i5-1The one who, himself without colour,

By the manifold application

Of his power

Distributes many colours

In his hidden purpose,

And into whom

Its end and its beginning,

The whole world dissolves

He is God!

May He endow us

With clear intellect. 



May 16, 2009 Ed Foster Jr. Father Carl Joseph "Buster" Melchior is ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Robert N. Lynch at the Cathedral of St. Jude the Apostle in St. Petersburg May 16.

Sentiment aroused

I move from height to height

Of generosity, forgetting faults

Allowing the best, in a moment

Of rose-tinted subjectivity,

As the object of my attention

Enacts my wishes

To fit the camera frame

In my mind.


How does he erase the cunning

From the corner of his eyes

And turn a tentative look

To childhood innocence,

To comply; is it the strength

Of my sentiment that evokes

His deepest self, the calming

Of ripples make the water’s

Transparency? Then is my

Sentiment justified in requiring

He be earnest and in presuming

Create the certainty?

I prize the sentiment

That so transforms

Another, to my intent.


The Ninth house is a hallowed place in the chart and is the most potent part of the Holy triangle comprising the First, Fifth and the Ninth houses. It represents spirituality, religiosity (Dharma) and fortune (Bhagya). It represents the potential for prosperity, unexpected gains and rewards and favours from authority. It is also concerned with research, invention and philosophical writings. It indicates possibility of pilgrimages, charity and intuition. It is also the repository of accumulated Karmas which have to be experienced in this life. It also refers to long journeys and meetings with foreigners.

For our subject under study, with the Sign of Pieces here, the ownership of the House is that of Jupiter. The House is aspected by none and occupied by Mars, a highly auspicious planet for Cancer ascendants (Cancer in the First House). as it owns the Sign located in the Fifth House (Scorpio) and the Tenth house (Aries), making it lord of both an angular house and a triangular one. Furthermore Mars being tenth lord located in the ninth is moat fortunate (Rajyogkarak) as angular lords in triangular houses are deemed thus by scriptures. Mars is also dispositor of the Moon, the lord of the ascendant Sign, as the Moon is located in Mars; Sign in the tenth house. This too is most auspicious (Rajyog). In all respects one may say that for this chart the ninth house is unblemished and full of promise and good fortune.

Jupiter’s lordship of Pieces in the ninth indicates that the subject will serve others and put others interest before his own. He will progressively develop strong spiritual awareness. He will be a scholar of the scriptures and will discuss these issues and be highly regarded for this. He will take interest in meditation which will enhance his intuition and foresight. He will be interested in occult and spiritual experiences. He may have the capacity to look into the future and make accurate predictions.

In his previous life he was responsible for noble and pious deeds which would produce good results in this life. He may like to engage in noble and pious work for service of mankind and have a good public image. He would achieve fame in many ways and be good in whatever profession he chooses. He will study religious and spiritual literature.

He would be fond of undertaking long journeys for professional reasons, which would be beneficial for him, bringing him fame and wealth.

Later in life he may look for a cause to defend and actively engage in it.

His grandchildren would be well educated and prosperous and bring him happiness and regard him highly.

Mars in the ninth house is indicative of deep interest in religious rituals, traditions and customs. His study of occult and spiritual disciplines will enhance his wisdom and may even result in a following by disciples. He may lead the public towards spiritualism and become famous in the sphere.

Mars being the dispositor of the lord of the ascendant (Moon), the Moon being in the tenth house and the tenth lord Mars being in the ninth house produce rajyog bringing king like facilities and comforts to the subject.





Bright as a daffodil

With a smile

To gladden the heart

Earnest to the core,

Picking up your broken parts

To put them together once more.


Always positive

In circumstances most dire,

Nothing defeats her.

A fund of energy

Like sparkling sunlight

Playing on wet leaves

And flowers

The soul of my life,

Its purpose and priority.


Always busy

Keeping the house tidy,

The dinner warm,

The prayers persistently

Beseeching blessings

For the family.

Always concerned

For the well being

Of children far away,

call them now

It’s Sunday.


Ready for festivals

Brimming with enthusiasm

 And fervour

In her best dress

To honour the Gods,

Welcoming guests

With joie de vivre,

Attentive to the needs

Of friendly neighbours,

My loving mate

Always considerate.


The spirit of the home,

Propping up a picture,

cleaning out a comb,

Dusting every object,

Daily routine,

Nothing left alone,

Full of zest,

At her very best,

At all times,

Awake or at rest.


Where would I be without her,

My diligent and avid helper,

My heart and my soul,

Always making everything whole.

Were she to go away,

I fear the coming

Of that dark day,

But she consoles me,

Not to worry

I’m here to stay.

And when the time comes,

Together, never apart,

Hand in hand

We shall depart

And be on our way.



The eighth house is the house of death. It indicates life span of the subject, reasons and timing of death, inheritance from legacies, unearned incomes, occult inclinations, anxieties, distress, calamity, defeat, insult, indebtedness, overseas trips and physically, organs of excretion.

For calculating life-span of the subject there are detailed formulae, taking into account the character of the Siogns, the placement of the planetary Lords, the strength of the planets in a Sign and several other factors with precise calculations. Pundits and astrologers are adept at calculating longevity when a child is born, cautioning about dangerous periods in an infants life and offering remedies through ritual prayers, mantras and charity. While we need not go into them, the subjects chart under examination indicates ‘medium’ life span of about eighty years.

For the subject the Sign in the eighth House is Aquarius which is owned by Saturn. As Saturn becomes the owner of the eighth House on account of the Sign there and is himself significator of longevity, it indicates a long life. The eighth is both owned by Saturn and aspected by it. Eighth House aspected by its owner is also indicative of long life. Owner of the eighth House with a benefic planet in the same House, Saturn with Jupiter in this case also indicates long life. Owner of the eighth House in the eleventh House is indicative of a difficult childhood but prosperity in later life.

The presence of the lunar node Ketu in the eighth House is generally not considered favourable. It portends sorrow, loss of consciousness and possible dishonour. However, aspected by Saturn it assumes the character of Saturn. Ketu is also a mystic planet and indicates the subjects mystical nature. He may delve in the occult with some success and have extra-sensory experiences even acquiring supernatural abilities. It also indicates that he will earn wealth abroad. Ketu’s presence in the eighth house also indicates that death may come to the subject suddenly through an accident in his ‘Shani Dasha. Saturn phase, but only after the normal life span  indicated by other factors referred to above has been exhausted.

routine 1

What is it about the familiar

That so beguiles and comforts?

The same morning routine

Of washing and brushing your teeth,

Breakfast and television

Serials that return each day,

Spot of sweet light,

The morning walk

Coming across familiar strollers,

Nodding to acquaintances, small talk,

Engaging in regular sport,

The same Starling

Picking worms from twisted twigs in your garden,

Lovers on benches in a park

Sharing mobile phones

With secret smiles

And the afternoon sleep

Looking forward to vivid dreams

In fitful slumbers,

Nothing changes alas

As the days pass,

Just numbers

On a calendar,

And to this routine 

One happily surrenders.


But when you are invited

To an unexpected repast

Five course dinner, wine and song, you cheer,

Or when someone unexpected suddenly visits

To break the routine

Someone dear,

You refresh

And fix it like a jewel

In the crown of your daily chores

And want some more

Landmarks to carry you along

From the daily waking and sleep.


Such memories of events you keep

Holding close to your heart,

So that you don’t fall apart

With just the same routine

From winter to summer

That has kept you going

With the comfort of the familiar,

In your interminable calendar

Now suddenly shaken

From one bright smart event

To another.




She arrives brimming with joy,

Glowing with readiness to please

With every gesture and care

Erasing tensions with ease,

A presence as light as a feather

Floating in the breeze.


Smile like a sudden sun

Peeping out of a cloud,

Bright roses on her cheek,

Always full of fun

And loads of compassion,

Forever looking for ways to help

Lift your mood, don’t be sad,

It will be alright Dad, never seeks

Something only for herself,

A happy spirit like a little bird

On a twig flitting here and there joyously.


Eyes full of mirth

Ever since her birth,

Joining in every festivity,

Resplendent, energetically

Full of wit and humour,

Always devoted

To the concerns of another,

Wiping a tear,

Bringing smiles and laughter, full of cheer,

A hand held out to care,

for every person

Sunk in the depths of despair.


Chatting with her mother

Sitting intimately together

Sharing secrets like with no other

Then suddenly going away

Till she returns another day

To fill our lives with happiness

Joy and wonder

With her fairy presence,

Our precious treasure

Our unique daughter.



People are often unreasonable and self centred,

Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives,

Be kind anyway.

If you are honest, people may cheat you,

Be honest anyway.

If you find happiness, people may be jealous,

Be happy anyway.

The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow,

Do good anyway.

Give thw world the best you have and it may never be enough,

Give your best anyway.

For you see, in the end, it is between you and God,

It was never between you and them anyway.


                                                    –    MOTHER    TERESA


I long for people who have gone,

Picture them in my mind

Retrieve their gestures, voice, something said, someone,

Quickly search for their photographs,

Letters full of their autographs,

Friends, cousins, uncles and aunts,

Those with whom I laughed

And joked and quarreled

They are all there in a video

Of a marriage long ago

That revives their memories

As if they were here, those moments

Captured for eternity as I join them

From the present into the past;

I pause it to watch

Them dance and jest

And rewind to refresh the moments again

So full of life and health and cheer,

The list grows longer and longer, the pain

As I last beyond their years

And they return in my dreams

Till I wake up at last

And find they are only memories

Of people who once were so real;

Maybe I have lived too long

As most of those I knew

Have left and are gone.


The seventh House relates mainly to marriage, family circumstances, spouse, sex and genitals. Our subject under study we note has the constellation Capricorn situated here and the significator of conjugal matters, the planet Venus also located here. Capricorn is owned by Saturn who is located in the eleventh House, the house of profit and gain. Furthermore the eleventh House is owned by Venus by virtue of its ownership of Taurus located there. Thus we find that Venus and Saturn are in a special relationship of ‘exchange of Houses’, each being located in a House where there is a constellation owned by the other. This becomes noteworthy because both are friends and therefore occupy a House owned by a friend. Jupiter aspects the seventh House and Jupiter is an enemy of Venus. In addition to the eleventh House Venus also owns the fourth Hose on account of the presence there of the constellation Libra which it owns. This then is the setting for our analysis.

Let us look first at the Sign Capricorn in the seventh House. The spouse is likely to be blunt, worldly-wise and diligent but taciturn and tending to avoid company, from an ordinary family looking up to the subject. Family of the spouse will play a prominent part in the life of the subject.

As Saturn is powerful in the chart and owner of the seventh and eight Houses the spouse will be long-lived, rich, but blunt in speech. The subject will gain from his spouse’s activities. These are only general observations arising from placement of Capricorn in the seventh House and likely to be modified and elaborated on the basis of other factors.

Venus is significator of wife, marriage and sex. Its placement in a House of which it is the significator is not considered favourable. This may cause trouble in the marriage for one or the other reason. Yet the subject will be a handsome person of refined taste. He will also gain through his spouse and be wealthy and artistic.

Venus in Capricorn ( different inflection from Venus in the seventh House though these add up together to provide a more detailed picture) would make the subject popular among women though he would be faithful in his sentiments to his spouse. However his marriage may get delayed and may not be in entirely fortunate circumstances. Furthermore he may not be very virile. He may become wealthy in later life.

Saturn’s aspect on the House would improve its prospects. If we also take into account the fact that Saturn is the owner of the House the prospects would get further improved and finally the exchange of Houses between Venus and Saturn would enhance these positive attributes. The exchange of Houses would also create  good fortune for the subject after marriage and the spouse would like refinements and luxuries.

The presence of Saturn as the owner of the House Sign (Capricorn) in the eleventh portends that the wife would be beautiful, suave, well-behaved, rich, devoted, cooperative and of a good character and he would gain from the marriage.

The presence of Saturn in the eleventh would allow good children. It is also indicative of a sensual nature. Saturn’s presence in the eleventh also portends that the spouse of the first child will be w dominant personality. Furthermore the subject’s spouse would be a good entertainer and he may benefit from this greatly.

Venus as lord of the eleventh House of profit and gain (Labhesh) in the seventh portends that the subject would be dynamic,an achiever, rich, long-lived, one who loves his spouse, one who would seek to provide all happiness and comforts to his family.

Finally let us consider Jupiter’s aspect on the seventh House. Here the stereotype of aspecting an enemy ( Jupiter being an enemy of Venus) has to be discounted and does not apply for many reasons. Both Jupiter and Venus in mythology are Gurus, spiritual advisors, jupiter of the Devas, the demigods and Venus of the Titans and demons. Being of like philosophical nature their aspects produce a philosophical nature in the subject.

Jupiter’s aspect on any House is traditionally considered to be mana from heaven. Jupiter also transcends the stereotype of a negative aspect on an enemy House since he is lord of the Sign in the ninth House of fortune and spirituality located in the Holy Triangle. He thus becomes a benefic House lord. Additionally the lord of the seventh House, Saturn is conjunct with him in the eleventh House, so his aspect is under the benefic influence of the seventh House lord Saturn. his aspect will improve the prospects of the House all round and make the spouse devout.

So what we have learnt of the conjugal prospects of the subject by putting together all the influences and circumstances of the planets and Signs on the seventh House is the following: a beautiful, devoted, pious wife from an ordinary background, who would be fortunate for him and in fact trigger his good fortune. a fruitful marriage with nice children, even if the marriage may not turn out to be a garden of roses.

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