Academic knowledge of the mystical and metaphysical, whether through spiritualism and the study of scriptures or through science cannot be fully satisfying per se, except for the scholar or theologian. For everyone else it would only carry more meaning if it did something for them. While it could have an affect through changing mind-set and outlook, behaviour and relationships, the ordinary common folk would want it to go further in changing the very circumstances of life. They would like it to put it to practice and participate through some activity that could prove beneficial. they would want the practice to help things happen in their lives not only spiritually but materially as well.

If the Upanishads speak of a grand unity of which we are an integral part, Scientists speak of Implicate Order and Morphogenetic fields, why can we not connect with this benevolent matrix which they say is full of energy, intent, creativity to improve the circumstances of our lives, alleviate some of the misery and misfortune which afflict us, is a question which occurs to the ordinary and practical person. The answer is that over the ages such practices have indeed been widely prevalent and many have benefited from them. Healers, mediums, shamans, sages, saints, yogis and swamis have all opened doors for seekers, not merely holding out enlightenment in a distant future and on another plane but also processes through which one can mend our bodies, remove negatavities and alleviate suffering, even benefit materially.

Yoga, meditation, prayer, contemplation and lately visualization, each has helped us to ‘plug in’ to the universal matrix, the field or whatever else you choose to call it. These and many other are the channels for active participation to align with and draw from the benevolent field. But as with the analogy of the radio and TV, mobile or Internet, the equipment needs to be fine tuned, the frequencies right and sympathetic to be able to receive the healing, empowering and fulfilling transmissions.

The practice now growing ever more popular, that of visualization is a case in point in the present day and age. Visualization is a unique method of linking with the field to fulfill ones aspirations. This is not something which has suddenly been invented. It has been there all along under different labels and practices by esoteric groups and mystical orders like Kabbalah, Free Masons, Theosophists, Rosicrucians etc. Their secrets have now emerged and become more universal under the label Visualization.

I first came across the concept in a book ‘Wisdom of the Mystic Masters’ published in the eighties. It spoke of Rosicrucian practices in visualization – how to tap the universal energy to heal oneself, those one loves and otherwise to obtain what one wants. The book explains that Creative Visualization is a kind of prayer. and what you visualize becomes actual fact. Persistent thoughts will turn into ‘thought forms’ and those into facts. The practice teaches you the techniques of visualization involving observing ones environment carefully in every detail. This is called Mind Control. When this is perfected memory improves, observation becomes more focussed. Then follows the actual visualization which consists in imagining in great detail, colour and sound a scene in which your most cherished wish is actually being portrayed on the screen.


Jose Silva

These techniques were further refined by the Guru of visualization Jose Silva. In the late seventies he published the ‘Silva Mind control Method’ which became a bestseller. Through his techniques he sought to improve memory, speed learning, creative sleep, creative speaking, practicing ESP, developing self-confidence, improving health – but above all a form of meditation called Creative Visualization to achieve the goals of ones life. His methods were so successful that major corporations adapted them to improve the performances of their employees. Performing artists, sportsmen and universities and colleges also introduced his programmes to improve skills and confidence. Several thousand Silva work shops came up in the USA alone.

At the heart of Mind Control was the premise that what you visualize, you can actualize. Jose was a simple person from a large family in poverty who stumbled on some truths and insights and developed them in his own way. Before long he became famous and prosperous. However, he in developing the techniques refrained from going into the metaphysics of the method beyond stating that there was a higher intelligence in the universe which was efficient, responsive and benign and that his practices did not conflict with anyones faith. He held that energy converted to matter, thus the meditation produced actuality. He never sought to device any grand spiritual or metaphysical theory averring that he was a simple and practical fellow.

His basic technique is to visualize the problem one is confronted with through a kind of dramatic clip on an imaginary screen in the mind. Next one shifts it from ones left to the right in a sliding action so as to bury it in the past which he believed was to the right. Next one visualizes some real hopeful signs in the solution of the problem ( a bad boss who finds something good in what you have done and is surprised). this dramatic scene is then made to slide again to the right. The last dramatic scene is pure imagination ( the boss reverses all his negative impressions of you), again sliding this to the right. Then one blanks out all thought. Prior to the visualization one is required to count backward from 100 = arriving at 0 one is in a state of emitting Alpha Waves, like we experience with rapid eye movements in deep sleep. This he believes is the right frequency for connecting with the benign universal field.

This concept was further developed by Shakti Gawain in her ‘Creative Visualization’ which also became a bestseller. She introduced many more fascinating details and elements like Prosperity Programming, Healing, Opening energy Centres, Meeting Your Guide, Entering Your Inner Sanctuary etc Gawain was more forthcoming on the metaphysics of the exercises.

Finally we have the eminent Deepak Chopra who in his ‘Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’ provided a practical guide to fulfilling dreams. Chopra is of course a New Age Guru well-known for his deep understanding of spirituality and metaphysics.

I have been a practitioner of these techniques for several decades. the authors warn that when the visualizations become fact one will tend to dismiss it as a coincidence but as the coincidences multiply the truth will dawn on us. They advise that one should note the facts in a diary to monitor the speed and frequency of the actualizations. they explain that the techniques do two things: One, help to focus our confused minds. half the time we ourselves are not clear what precisely we really want and the contradictory thoughts fail to send a clear signal to the field.The techniques help in focussing our thoughts and transmitting a strong unambiguous signal, to which the field responds immediately, actualizing our wishes and aspirations.

I kept that record recommended by them. 95% of the visualizations were actualized within a short space of time, sometimes even within 24 hours, though not precisely as I had visualized but close, in a form that actually served me better! Even seemingly impossible goals were achieved. Belief in its efficacy is important. It does not work if we are sceptical. It is also necessary to imagine that what has been visualized has already taken place – affirmation. And one last thing – all the teachers aver that only positive visualization works. You cannot engage the benign field to harm anybody – that just will not work.