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We often wonder why souls need to incarnate on the physical plane when in their state of eternal bliss this can only be painful and difficult. Yet leave alone souls the Divine Essence itself does so as Avatar or as great beings. In the Gita it is suggested that matter and spirit are attracted to one another, the one in viewing something immensely superior and wonderful, the other to experience the trials and tribulations of earthly life, both to learn something in the process. Matter learns from the spirit, the spirit too is studying something, what we do not know precisely not being spirits ourselves. It is an intriguing thought for which we can only surmise what that may be. There is no compulsion for the spirit to undergo such an experience, yet it does from one lifetime to another (Hindu view). Is it to refine matter? Or is it to learn some physical lessons from the realms of opposites. What can it learn that it does not know already? Intense pain and pleasure and consequences of actions arising from them? Yet they come voluntarily to experience. We too do something similar when we go on a Roller Coaster ride or hand gliding or any adventure. Risking much if not all. What does it do for us? I’m sure it is not just about the thrill, it is a learning process, kind of makes us more whole. Thinking such obtuse thoughts i composed a poem which I wish to share with you:


                   A S T R O N AUTS   O F   ETHER


In this gymnasium

Dumb-bells and weights of your choosing

Lying in wait, presumption of gravity,

For, if you were conceived

In the vacuum of space

It would be without biseps,

Floating free like a shapeless cloud

Beyond earthly contours,

Beyond the need of a work-out,

Much would surely change

In the way you exert yourself

and suffer pain,

As the astronauts will tell you.


But that is only a little way out into space


And shapes in ether in another dimension

Do not even have the weight of ego,

That other proud muscle’s force

To grip and stride, a sure compass

Of physical circumstance.


Astronauts of ether are yet another tribe,

At home in their timeless state

Of floating free, timelessly,

No implants of organs

To start hunger, thirst,

No procreative affair,

Nothing to stir addiction,

No breath of air,

No gift of gravity to build calves

And keep feet on the floor,

No sure-shot ego to tell

what you want from what you don’t.


Is there a hankering for fear

In this fearless state

Is there a wish for kidneys and liver,

Stomach, member,

Which immortality with one felt stroke


The bygone biseps and athletic gait?


They come from inner space

to the gymnasium of endless weights

Infinite work-outs, experience in pain

And pleasures

To build the spirit’s muscles

with material gains

In another medium, another plane,

Wearing space suits of bodies, organic equipment

And the latest models of evolution

In which to train,

Astronauts of ether

Again and again.



The concept of the personality as distinct from the soul is a recurring theme in Hindu scriptures and literature. I have already dwelt at length on the subject in my earlier posts ( see Pages above). The soul is a fragment of divinity that dwells within the personality-body-ego complex (Antaryami). The host is volatile, wilful, passionate, acquisitive and mortal, unlike the soul which is calm, serene, wise, divine and immortal. They share the same space on the material plane for a life time. The content is divine but not the container which is given to all the frailties of human existence. The soul is also the conscience of the host but its counsel is not mandatory and generally ignored as a whisper from nowhere. Inspired by these thoughts of  duality which constitutes us I composed a poem which I place below – the imagery is of  the transparence of the soul and the rainbow colours of the personality and the rare moments when the two may indeed become one:


            P R I M A L   C O L O U R


Colours from another

Transform my translucency

Darkening vitriolics of mistrust,

Stirring orange clouds of love

Or opaque to transparency with trust.


I change,

Assuming colours of  the other’s

Accent, posture, arrogance,

Allowing possession


As the image thrusts

Into the mirrors of my mind,

Reflection upon reflection

Invading my innermost crust.


Kindness for the kindly,

Arrogance for the arrogant,

Love for love.


How like a chameleon

The camouflage

Protects my neutral state

And placid core,

Reflecting the environment’s

 brilliance more.


How my rarest tones

 Belong outside, the gullible smile

As our eyes engage,

A rude remark

Ignite a sudden rage,

A unique grace

Impel rare perception

Or condescension

Shrink my space,


Till stimuli withdraw,

Colours dissipate

And I turn transparent

As before.




Some people have no faith in a divine order or any universal order for that matter. Others keep moving in and out of faith depending on the latest set of circumstances. Yet others are converted to faith where they had absolutely none before  and these are the ones who then are the most ‘faithful’. As for me, I sometimes think I must be some kind of freak because never even for a moment have I not had unshakable faith or trouble with an emotional response to matters of the spirit. An astrologer said from my horoscope that it reflected in full measure this quality, indicating that this was because of circumstances in previous lives – that such unshakable faith was not quite a common thing. I have tried to arouse doubt as an experiment, but I can answer all the questions raised by Mr. doubt as if I was the highest paid advocate presenting my case in the Supreme Court – it doesn’t work. Indeed my father was like that and I may have got influenced by that but then again none of my other siblings were so affected. In India we use the term ‘Sanskars’ or accumulated effects of past lives. My poem is a true story of what can happen to ones faith, so one cannot rest assured that nothing can change you or your beliefs, and that is scary.


            D Y I NG    F A I T H


My father said on his death bed

That his faith had gone,

He who had tutored us in ours

All his life long,

Now shrunk like a child

Immobile on his cot,

The daily ritual of prayer forgotten,

The gods on their alter forlorn

And lacklustre

Like his fading form.


The wicker lamps darkened with carbon,

The ungainly flame deformed

Into a giant red sun

Bloating with its own demise

As the shadows leaped upon

The books he ahd authored on

The purpose of creation.


We who could not share his loss,

Failed to reassure him

Who had been so meticulous

In reassuring us, as if the paralysis

In his hand had reached his thoughts

Which could not grasp at straws

And he sank into oblivion

And spoke no more

As the drips sought to hold his pressure

And the tubes fed him on.


Then like a distant dawn

A smile appeared upon his lips

As when he would score an irrefutable point

And as the pressure dropped away,

His face was cast

In faith at last.


                                   My poem for Mother’s Day:


                                                   V I S I T


                                      Shall I paint her portrait

                         Or keep it in pieces, dim and dark undone;

                              Shall I put together a jigsaw figure

                          Who has gone to pray in the Himalayas

                       And presently will return, as we were told?


                             She must feel cold on a blue glacier.


                                           But I remember,

                                      She was warm and frail

                            Beautifully familiar on a carry- chair

                         Lifted on dark strong porter’s shoulders

                                  To the fearful steaming train.


                           Up the quick flight of steps to visit her –

                    The apartment was the same, the curtains hung

                             The same fan spun; our heart beats

                       Filled the empty room with promise and fear.


                                Quietly a voice behind intoned:

                                ‘She has gone to the Himalayas’,


                                 And through the curtains shone

                                        A steady summer’s sun

                                        And on the counterpane

                                                 A blue glacier.

mummy 2



Academic knowledge of the mystical and metaphysical, whether through spiritualism and the study of scriptures or through science cannot be fully satisfying per se, except for the scholar or theologian. For everyone else it would only carry more meaning if it did something for them. While it could have an affect through changing mind-set and outlook, behaviour and relationships, the ordinary common folk would want  it to go further in changing the very circumstances of life. They would like it to put it to practice and participate through some activity that could prove beneficial. they would want the practice to help things happen in their lives not only spiritually but materially as well.

If the Upanishads speak of a grand unity of which we are an integral part, Scientists speak of Implicate Order and Morphogenetic fields, why can we not connect with this benevolent matrix which they say is full of energy, intent, creativity to improve the circumstances of our lives, alleviate some of the misery and misfortune which afflict us, is a question which occurs to the ordinary and practical person. The answer is that over the ages such practices have indeed been widely prevalent and many have benefited from them. Healers, mediums, shamans, sages, saints, yogis and swamis have all opened doors for seekers, not merely holding out enlightenment in a distant future and on another plane but also processes through which one can mend our bodies, remove negatavities and alleviate suffering, even benefit materially.

Yoga, meditation, prayer, contemplation and lately visualization, each has helped us to ‘plug in’ to the universal matrix, the field or whatever else you choose to call it. These and many other are the channels for active participation to align with  and draw from the benevolent field. But as with the analogy of the radio and TV, mobile or Internet, the equipment needs to be fine tuned, the frequencies right and sympathetic to be able to receive the healing, empowering and fulfilling transmissions.

The practice now  growing ever more popular, that of visualization is a case in point in the present day and age. Visualization is a unique method of linking with the field to fulfill ones aspirations. This is not something which has suddenly been invented. It has been there all along under different labels and practices  by esoteric groups and mystical orders like Kabbalah, Free Masons, Theosophists, Rosicrucians etc. Their secrets have now emerged and become more universal under the label Visualization.

I first came across the concept in a book ‘Wisdom of the Mystic Masters’ published in the eighties. It spoke of Rosicrucian practices in visualization – how to tap the universal energy to heal oneself, those one loves and otherwise to obtain what one wants. The book explains that Creative Visualization is a kind of prayer. and what you visualize becomes actual fact. Persistent thoughts will turn into ‘thought forms’ and those into facts. The practice teaches you the techniques of visualization involving observing ones environment carefully in every detail. This is called Mind Control. When this is perfected memory improves, observation becomes more focussed. Then follows the actual visualization which consists in imagining in great detail, colour and sound a scene in which your most cherished wish is actually being portrayed on the screen.


Jose Silva

These techniques were further refined by the Guru of visualization Jose Silva. In the late seventies he published the ‘Silva Mind control Method’ which became a bestseller. Through his techniques he sought to improve memory, speed learning, creative sleep, creative speaking, practicing ESP, developing self-confidence, improving health – but above all a form of meditation called Creative Visualization to achieve the goals of ones life. His methods were so successful that major corporations adapted them to improve the performances of their employees. Performing artists, sportsmen and universities and colleges also introduced his programmes to improve skills and confidence. Several thousand Silva work shops came up in the USA alone.

At the heart of  Mind Control was the premise that what you visualize, you can actualize. Jose was a simple person from a large family in poverty who stumbled on some truths and insights and developed them in his own way. Before long he became famous and prosperous. However, he in developing the techniques refrained from going into the metaphysics of the method beyond stating that there was a higher intelligence in the universe which was efficient, responsive and benign and that his practices did not conflict with anyones faith. He held that energy converted to matter, thus the meditation produced actuality. He never sought to device  any grand spiritual or metaphysical theory averring that he was a simple and practical fellow.

His basic technique is to visualize the problem one is confronted with through a kind of dramatic clip on an imaginary screen in the mind. Next one shifts it from ones left to the right in a sliding action so as to bury it in the past which he believed was to the right. Next one visualizes some real hopeful signs in the solution of the problem ( a bad boss who finds something good in what you have done and is surprised). this dramatic scene is then made to slide again to the right. The last dramatic scene is pure imagination ( the boss reverses all his negative impressions of you), again sliding this to the right. Then one blanks out all thought. Prior to the visualization one is required to count backward from 100 = arriving at 0 one is in a state of emitting Alpha Waves, like we experience with rapid eye movements in deep sleep. This he believes is the right frequency for connecting with the benign universal field.

This concept was further developed by Shakti Gawain in her ‘Creative Visualization’ which also became a bestseller. She introduced many more fascinating details and elements like Prosperity Programming, Healing, Opening energy Centres, Meeting Your Guide, Entering Your Inner Sanctuary etc Gawain was more forthcoming on the metaphysics of the exercises.

Finally we have the eminent Deepak Chopra who in his ‘Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’ provided a practical guide to fulfilling dreams. Chopra is of course a New Age Guru well-known for his deep understanding of spirituality and metaphysics.

I have been a practitioner of these techniques for several decades. the authors warn that when the visualizations become fact one will tend to dismiss it as a coincidence but as the coincidences multiply the truth will dawn on us. They advise that one should note the facts in a diary to monitor the speed and frequency of the actualizations. they explain that the techniques do two things: One, help to focus our confused minds. half the time we ourselves are not clear what precisely we really want and the contradictory thoughts fail to send a clear signal to the field.The techniques help in focussing our thoughts and transmitting a strong unambiguous signal, to which the field responds immediately, actualizing our wishes and aspirations.

I kept that record recommended by them. 95% of the visualizations were actualized within a short space of time, sometimes even within 24 hours, though not precisely as I had visualized but close, in a form that actually served me better! Even seemingly impossible goals were achieved. Belief in its efficacy is important. It does not work if we are sceptical. It is also necessary to imagine that what has been visualized has already taken place – affirmation. And one last thing – all the teachers aver that only positive visualization works. You cannot engage the benign field to harm anybody – that just will not work.



When one meditates on Nature things begin to happen. Can be like a symphony started, harmony and counter point. Songs of birds, wind ruffling leaves, shifting shadows seek to connect and speak. My poem from a rear window on a holiday in the hills – I’m glad I captured the moment with the click of a poem.


              A  TEMPORARY  PEACE


A lurching mountain defines

 And stays in place.


A low nimbus cloud moves on

A trifle quicker than the horizon rising up

To catch the sun still well above.


The phosphorescent sun-bird’s twitter

Keeps time

To flashing blades of wind ruffled leaves.


In mid-window hovers

A bird sized dragonfly, its wings

Drone heavily with the effort, poised for mating.


An outstreched shadow leaps up

To the peak of a sun splashed tree

And meets an eagle’s distant surveillance.


In the pond a toad arises

Over the flat lily leaf

Rock still, vegetable like.


I lift my hand

 In the lulling intermittant breeze


Feel a clean shaven cool cheek.


The appointed peace,

The toad’s even stare 


In my match box’s sudden flare.


Deliberate act

Involuntary sunset

As I light my cigarette.


Matter unlike the spirit is dense – no nonsense, capable of strength and harshness too. It has things to do requiring muscle and sweat. It is not Bohm’s Implicate Order nor a Sheldrake’s potential field – it is here and now, like no pain no gain. Nothing ambiguous, nothing beyond space and time, it needs a clock, a feel a lock. No silent emptiness, no illusion, no dream. Matter is here to stay as explicate as can be. Test it for compassion if you like, again test it for passion. It rejoices in pain and pleasure, fortune and misfortune. Want to know matter? Just look at the sun as it warms you or again burns you , be careful. Matter has been made hard for a reason. It must react. And yes it can be what you call good or bad too. It is allowed that, for a reason. If there was no shadow how would we ever know substance? No night, then how would we know day? Without provocation would we ever move? Without attraction would we ever know love? Without competition would we ever excel? Real dense here this matter like our beloved sun. No angels allowed here just man to let them see what matter is truly capable of. A compassion which angels who never hurt would never know. Moved  by such thoughts I present a poem on our material core, which needs civilizing.



Heart is like sun


Terrible  core,


Thunder before

Molecules begin to loosen up

In drenching rain.


Not soft fruit but gnarled rooting

Compulsion of unadulterated fact.


Tear away the petal dressing

To get to pollen’s purpose,


Lift the thin veil of blue sky

revealing bold blacknesses

Throbbing in original;


Like infernal sol

Blasting away, another bull,


Twisting its failing mate

The cockroach cannibal,


Simple terrible original

Heart of the matter.



The blog began with a consideration of Upanishadic metaphysics culminating in Shankeracharya’s Advait philosophy of Transcendental Monism, – then moved to the metaphysics of science with David Bohm’s theory of an Implicate Order and we now reach metaphysics in biology with Rupert Sheldrake’s theory about Morphogenetic Fields and Morphic Resonance. While the first two were concerned with the cosmos ( and beyond) the last has more to do with manifest Nature.

 Sheldrake is an eminent biologist who had studied at Cambridge and Harvard, travelled widely attending conferences on holistic thought, science and mysticism, where Bohm and Capra represented physics and Sheldrake was the most prominent biologist. Renee Weber (see previous post) in her book ‘The Search for Unity’ extensively interviewed Sheldrake ( among others). Below I have sought to present the substance of her seminal dialogues with Sheldrake on his hypothesis on Morphogenetic Fields.

Like Bohm was dissatisfied with the lack of interpretations of quantum mechanics by scientists for us, being confined to math. and equations, so too Sheldrake was dissatisfied with the mechanistic – reductionist view of biology among

Credit: wikipedia

Rupert Sheldrake
Credit: wikipedia

physiologists, biochemists and biophysicists who he felt were more physicists and chemists than biologists. This he called a major internal crisis in biology. A dissident tradition was on the other hand looking for something going beyond such a view – this group consisted of developmental biologists and embryologist, according to him the true biologists with whom he identified. They dissented from the mechanist view that the DNA and chemicals in human organisms were the sole cause of their form and properties. Everything was attributed to DNA in the mechanistic model. He felt that this was grossly over-rated. DNA was attributed unexplained powers and properties which could not be specified in molecular terms at all. This he describes as the fantasies projected onto the DNA.

Like Bohm sought to make sense of quantum mechanics by proposing an Implicate Order (previous post), Sheldrake postulated Morphogenetic Fields to explain what the DNA clearly was not doing. All that the DNA did was to provide a code enabling cells to make certain proteins. How then the cells used the proteins, organized themselves into particular forms and grouped together in tissues of certain forms and shaped them into an organism of forms was still a mystery. He gave an example to explain. DNA gave us the bricks and mortar with which the organism is built but how these are assembled into patterns, shapes and structures remained beyond known capabilities of DNA.

Sheldrake said that primary forms are defined by two fields, gravity and electromagnetism. Gravity is a kind of formation field but at a lower level, creating forms like spheres. Electromagnetic fields are also simple in contributing form but neither can explain the complexity or multiplicity of forms of organisms. He explains that as animals and plants develop, the complexity of their structures becomes greater and greater – more form coming from less, defying physical explanations.

His theory of Morphogenetic Fields proposes that there is a field which is responsible for development of form (the things which the DNA evidently does not do ). The form pre-exists in the field which guides the developing organism and controls its form and development. Each organism has a field dedicated to it. The fields are derived from past organisms of the same species through ‘Morphic Resonance’. Past forms influence present ones through the field by a kind of resonance and present forms feed-back into the field in a two-way kind of on going evolution of the same form.

He explains ‘Morphic Resonance’ with the analogy of radio and TV. Wires and transistors receive transmissions from stations. The DNA of a chicken are the wires and transistors which receive the transmissions from the Morphogenetic field of Chickens. the present approach to biology is like looking at a picture on the TV screen and examining the transistors, wires and chemicals in the TV set without accounting for the fact that the transmissions are not coming from the box. Indeed he holds that Morphic Resonance can be tested. An example is that of rats learning a new trick in one place and the rats of the same breed then learning that trick more quickly all over the world (in a later post I propose to show numerous examples of scientifically tested cases of so-called Morphic Resonance).

Weber then asked Sheldrake about the nature and characteristics of Morphogenetic fields. He explained that the fields are invisible, and like gravity has spatial patterns. The spatial patterns of a magnetic field can be seen in the iron filings on the magnet. Therefore the fields are invisible but detectable only through their effects. Morphogenetic Fields are also invisible and undetectable directly but only through the Morphogenetic effects. However they are not ‘energetic’ like magnetic fields because they are outside space and time.



Forms are not mere archetypes in the mind of God unlike what Augustine would have said. Sheldrake proposes that they are evolutionary not fixed. While they are affected by past forms of the same type of organism through a kind of cumulative effect, the field is also affected by existing forms – a kind of two-way process through a feed-back. This is similar to Bohm’s idea of the Implicate Order ‘unfolding’ and then ‘enfolding’.

He agrees that there is a kind of persistence of memory on a cosmic scale. He then approaches the God thought. He believes that Nature itself has a source beyond the natural world. Creativity within the universe and the universe itself can only be explained through a kind of idea of transcendence – some non-physical, trans-physical reality, spiritual in nature.

Once again I sat back to allow the mind-blowing concepts to settle in. Yet another scientist, a biologist this time had opened his mind to speak of science and metaphysics seeking this time to explain development of form, their multiplicity and evolution. When the circuits had stopped whirring and the alignments had been made, once again a new mind-set had evolved. Nature was indeed alive, intelligent with memory, intent and transcendental influences. No less important the fact that we are not merely products of nature but active participants in its evolution. As Bohm’s Implicate Order was affected and transformed every time we ‘enfolded’ back into it, so too Sheldrake’s Morphogenetic Fields evolved through our individual ‘contributions’.



Winds of mysticism from the East, winds of science from the West, sometimes the stirring of the Universal Essence, sometimes the unfolding of The Implicate Order, together inspired me to write a poem of creation and dissolution which I share below:


                 A W A K E N I N G


A mere undoing of atom law logic –

For the world was not torn asunder

Nor did fires rain, no blood, no flood;

Trees, stars, motion, just vanished.


There was no residue, no ash after wood

Is fired, no drama for none to see;

Not anyone, not anything

In that silent dissolution.


Then as when your thoughts have given out

The mind withdrawn inwards no longer needs

To grasp and twist and fashion

He went blank

Unworldly, unconcerned,


Ending the infinite permutations,


Pain and pleasure, good and evil

The compares and contrasts

Of a lonesome preoccupation.


Unwilling to change His own supreme reality

Or divide as in his cell principle;

He had broken up into countless variety

Outside his indivisability

To which He now returned.


In the eternal darknesses

There was nothing but Him, reclining

If  He could do that – presumption of limbs

Contemplating, digesting, preparing,


That perfect principle

Conceived of by man as man

Was silent; holding back,

Holding in the supreme energy, in repose,


Then after eternity at will He broke,

Dividing into untold eons expanses,


Into man trees stars,

Waving blinking days  and nights;

The bee and the rose

Outside of his real repose.



”’ I maintain that the cosmic religious feeling is the strongest and noblest motive for scientific research” – Einstein

David Bohm is considered among the worlds leading and most influential theoretical physicists of our age. His work has been primarily concerned with the basics of quantum theory and relativity and their philosophical meaning. He is also among a handful of scientists whose interest also reaches beyond science into the area of metaphysics and the implications of the scientific discoveries for consciousness and the hidden dimensions of the universe.

While sceptics can easily discount views by sociologists like Redfield and intellectuals like Zukav, even physicists like Capra and Russel as over imaginative and obtuse indulging in far-fetched linkages which cannot withstand the highest standards of empirical research, when confronted by a physicist of Bohm’s eminence and standing, ideas emerging from his mind cannot be dismissed and have to be respectfully heard and given due consideration.

Dr. Renee Weber

Dr. Renee Weber

Dr. Renee Weber professor emeritus of philosophy at Rutgers university, N.J. in the eighties undertook an amazing dialogue with scientists and mystics and produced  an insightful book in pursuance of a search for unity of man, nature, consciousness and matter seeking the integration of science and mysticism. Below I have sought to summarize and present the gist of her probing  dialogues which seek to  bring out the views of the great scientist David Bohm.

As we know, Newton’s mechanistic model of the world exists only at our ‘macro’ level but doesn’t work as we go down to smaller and smaller units at the micro level. According to Bohm at that level the behaviour of matter becomes not mechanical but subtle, very like large masses of humans conform to predictable patterns of behaviour but individually they are ‘subtle’. When asked whether the electron behaved as if it was alive Bohm replied that it could be. It behaved in strange ways, being a wave and a particle at the same time, jumping from one state to another without passing in between. He remarked that if it were not ‘alive’  it was certainly a mystery. He felt that there was a hidden order at work beneath the seeming chaos and lack of continuity of individual particles. He remained highly dissatisfied by the current interpretations of Quantum Theory and the manner in which physicists approached the subject. There interest was confined to presenting findings through mathematics and equations without attempting any rational meaning or interpretation of the implications of the findings for us.

David BohmTo set this right he conceived of a framework, a matrix, a complexity within which the findings of Quantum Mechanics could make sense beyond the confines of the experiments and equations. He believed that the ‘findings’ could only carry ‘meaning’ if seen from such a perspective. He then explained that the level at which the Newtonian mechanistic model worked was a three dimensional one of space, time and objects, which he named ‘THE EXPLICATE ORDER’. This was both contained within and emerged from an all-encompassing field or matrix in a muti-dimensional reality which was not manifest and from which arose Time, Space, and forms but which was itself beyond them. This he called ‘THE IMPLICATE ORDER’.

All potential forms were contained  and latent within it and manifested and ‘unfolded’ from it into the Explicate Order from time to time, though only a small part of what was enfolded within it was unfolded and became real and visible. The Implicate Order was immensely bigger than the Explicate. Matter was a ripple in an ocean of energy which was not manifest because it was in a multi- dimensional matrix. ‘Folding’ and ‘Unfolding’ keeps taking place (this is what Quantum Mechanics appears to show) from energy to matter and back, first manifesting and later unmanifesting. In its stable form it is our visible world and universe, the enfolding and unfolding being arrested for a time in a state of balance, creating the stability of matter. Bohm calls matter as condensed or frozen light.

Beyond the Implicate Order he conceives of a Super-Implicate Order within which the former is contained and beyond that further orders beyond our conception, each containing the other. According to him such a state of orders alone would make some sense of the apparent chaos and lack of continuity of quantum Mechanics.

Bohm then applies the Implicate Order concept to nature, holding that our very consciousness is a form of subtle matter which derives from the ‘consciousness’ of nature. Our creativity and insight are a manifestation of the same phenomenon in nature. The amazing diversity  of forms are the manifestation of this creativity and insight. Nature in a sense may be said to be ‘alive’, intelligent, and both material and mental. When forms are created it is an evidence of creative intelligence. The multiplicity of form goes way beyond the need of survival. Without such a creativity, a complex form like that of the human brain could never have come about. Nature, Bohm avers has deep intentionality, creativity and purposefulness, which he implies, derives from the Implicate Order. He believes that matter and mind are inseparable, the separation being only an intellectual abstraction.

Bohm then moves to the concept of unity in diversity:   Your unique insight ( he says ) does not come from your pre-dispositions, it comes from the whole. The word individual itself means something that cannot be divided!  Ego-centredness is not ‘individuality. Ego-centredness centres on a self-image which is an illusion, a delusion!  True individuality is an ‘unfolding’  from the whole in a certain way, at a certain moment. True individuality is only possible by being grounded in the whole.

There are no events in the universe, nothing ‘happens’, everything ‘is’, the past, the present and the future are all contained within it. Deep down the consciousness of man is one.

After reading the dialogues so kindly made available by Dr. Renee Weber in her book ‘Dialogues with Scientists and Sages – The Search For Unity’ (1986) I was simply overwhelmed by all the ideas streaming in, forming a kind of critical mass. I just sat back with a kind of mental explosion. I sat quietly allowing confirmation of the many wisdoms imparted by my culture, by reaffirmation of my ideas that developed through me in my life of interaction with nature and a host of new thoughts. The circuits of my mind began the inevitable process of linking, modifying, reforming, till in that silent meditation there began to emerge a whole new mind-set configured from the old and the new, the spiritual and the scientific, a new mind-set that is now with me and is me.

I am sure that not many will have the same reaction. Each one with their own ‘individual’ backgrounds, environments, associations and developments are bound to react in their own ways. After all we are each an ‘individual’ apart, like the whirring electrons observing the energy uniquely, coming from the ‘whole’ which forms us and which, indeed contribute to forming and shaping it – as Bohm says – unfolding out of and enfolding into it.



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