Meditations on Time Frames and Speed produced some insights which I wish to share with you. The insights are somewhat cerebral and obtuse but well worth entertaining in trying to get a sense of the nature of our Universal Essence.

Speed of light is our parameter. Someone, so to speak, has fixed the framework with light as the yardstick. Beyond the speed of light Einstein conceived of a negative, the inexplicable, the mysterious. Light, the fastest material phenomenon brightens and illumines as it falls. Other material and not so material phenomena move at their own inherent speeds. Sound, for instance, is tortoise to light’s hare. The earth’s orbital and axial movements have their own speed or rate of movement – so too jets and aircraft, automobiles and ships, birds and fish, cheetahs and horses, snails and turtles, growth in plants and flowering, chemical reactions, winds and storms. All movement at a speed. Then we have the speed of thought, the quick repartee, the healthy reflex, pulse rate, pace of economic development, the historical passage of ages – a universe of differing speeds between the inert and the supersonic. Between  inertia nad the speed of light there is the entire spectrum of the known world.

Our own minds have the swiftness of  light as mental activity relies on electrical pulses, which are also at the speed of light or close to it. Metabolic speed and life spans determine the play of life. Thus, the short life span of a moth or butterfly we can say is at a greater speed, where period of growth, reproduction and death are encompassed within days whereas the human has four score years for the same, at a more ‘retarded’ pace. If the butterfly’s life appears swift and ephemeral, what of some micro-organisms who may have only moments?  There lives could be compared to  a film in fast-forward mode.

Within us too our micro-organisms and cells work at a relatively greater ‘speed’ with short time frames to make our own longevity possible. They work ‘faster’ to maintain our relatively sluggish pace even as concentric pulleys of a clock oscillate feverishly for the imperceptible movements of its hands, or the gears of a car at idling or again the electrons of an atom within an apparently stationary piece of solid metal.

Can we conceive of a slower pace than ours wherein it may take centuries for a phase of growth, which in us may be achieved in barely two decades, in an insect in a day and in a virus in just a moment? Further, that such a phenomenon of growth may contain within itself the combined speed or pace of our racial or human effort. Picture the spirit of a people and their civilization evolving slowly while its innumerable individual constituents move at far greater speeds to maintain the slow forward momentum of their civilization. If we were to take one more anterior step it may be possible to view the even more retarded velocities of  human evolution, so utterly slow as to encompass millenia, the forward movement being hardly perceptible, such as the descent of man from the arboreal world, the evolution of the human organism, the development of the cerebral cortex.

If we use this electronic microscope of conjecture further in reverse, God alone knows what speed we might arrive at in the still and leviathan macro-expanses of the universe, the fast speeds being encompassed in the structures of slower ones and these in turn becoming parts of still slower structures  ad-infinitum, slower and slower, until we may arrive at a final immobility, the final immobility, which contains within itself all mobilities, an immeasurable eternity, the final unity containing all diversities, the silence that does not move like the eye of the cyclonic storm, the heart of creation which is in a state of the equilibrium of truth (Satyam), consciousness (Shivam), beauty (Sundaram) and bliss ( Anandam).