The Ninth house is a hallowed place in the chart and is the most potent part of the Holy triangle comprising the First, Fifth and the Ninth houses. It represents spirituality, religiosity (Dharma) and fortune (Bhagya). It represents the potential for prosperity, unexpected gains and rewards and favours from authority. It is also concerned with research, invention and philosophical writings. It indicates possibility of pilgrimages, charity and intuition. It is also the repository of accumulated Karmas which have to be experienced in this life. It also refers to long journeys and meetings with foreigners.

For our subject under study, with the Sign of Pieces here, the ownership of the House is that of Jupiter. The House is aspected by none and occupied by Mars, a highly auspicious planet for Cancer ascendants (Cancer in the First House). as it owns the Sign located in the Fifth House (Scorpio) and the Tenth house (Aries), making it lord of both an angular house and a triangular one. Furthermore Mars being tenth lord located in the ninth is moat fortunate (Rajyogkarak) as angular lords in triangular houses are deemed thus by scriptures. Mars is also dispositor of the Moon, the lord of the ascendant Sign, as the Moon is located in Mars; Sign in the tenth house. This too is most auspicious (Rajyog). In all respects one may say that for this chart the ninth house is unblemished and full of promise and good fortune.

Jupiter’s lordship of Pieces in the ninth indicates that the subject will serve others and put others interest before his own. He will progressively develop strong spiritual awareness. He will be a scholar of the scriptures and will discuss these issues and be highly regarded for this. He will take interest in meditation which will enhance his intuition and foresight. He will be interested in occult and spiritual experiences. He may have the capacity to look into the future and make accurate predictions.

In his previous life he was responsible for noble and pious deeds which would produce good results in this life. He may like to engage in noble and pious work for service of mankind and have a good public image. He would achieve fame in many ways and be good in whatever profession he chooses. He will study religious and spiritual literature.

He would be fond of undertaking long journeys for professional reasons, which would be beneficial for him, bringing him fame and wealth.

Later in life he may look for a cause to defend and actively engage in it.

His grandchildren would be well educated and prosperous and bring him happiness and regard him highly.

Mars in the ninth house is indicative of deep interest in religious rituals, traditions and customs. His study of occult and spiritual disciplines will enhance his wisdom and may even result in a following by disciples. He may lead the public towards spiritualism and become famous in the sphere.

Mars being the dispositor of the lord of the ascendant (Moon), the Moon being in the tenth house and the tenth lord Mars being in the ninth house produce rajyog bringing king like facilities and comforts to the subject.