( Ben Goossens award winning surrealism Dreamscape)


Does the dream state have any reality or is it an illusion? If it has reality then is the waking state an illusion? Or are they alternative realities and illusions? Such thoughts evoked a poem:


                                         N  I  G  H  T  W  A  L  K


Holding a dream

Through your fingers,

Till you are not sure

What shape it had

Though so clearly it arose

And made you sad with tears

Still smarting in your eyes;

Fears of a fading horror

You do not fully recognize

Except in the traces

Of your quickened heart-beats,

This vaporizing

dew drop dream

From which I



These fading facts

And shifting people,

Not quite what they seem;

Surely this is your sister

who doesn’t look at all like her,

Your father as a friend disguised

And you are sure

This is your front door

Which you have never seen before

As you step quickly

From one world to another

Changing stride, leaving something aside;

Only the emotions abide

As you sweat and you wet

And you weep

And awaken shivering with mirth

Or fear.


But there is nothing unreal

About this other world here,

The tall street lights

Solid and regular

Casting shadows

Upon the street I walk

And the same constellations,

Orion in particular

Reassuringly holding up the sky above

And there is a city out there

You can be sure from the sky-light

And many people you know

Moving behind the windows

Attached to either side

Of the street with lights –

Real, because

Your wife strides firmly beside

You as always

With your shadow.


But then you wake up

And find that you were

Never married to anyone at all

Though it appeared so real

And there never was a star system

In the skies shaped like Orion

And yet you feel

Her strong companionship and love

And know those street lamps

Casting about their shadows

In another world

Which has just disappeared.